During the regular-session meeting of the Marshall Library Board on Tuesday, October 10, the board approved some but tabled or voted down proposed policy changes brought forth by director Wicky Sleight.

Sleight proposed to include five days the library would be closed in the future, but only one of the days requested was approved. The board gave the approval for the closure of the library on Good Friday, but turned down the proposal of being closed on Presidents’ Day, Harry S. Truman’s birthday, Columbus Day and Veterans’ Day. The closure on Good Friday will be in addition to 13 approved holidays already on the books.

The board also gave the green light to increasing the charge for printing pages from the computers from 10 to 20 cents per page and include a charge of 75 cents per color page of printing.

The board also OK’d the proposal to update a policy to allow patrons to check out up to 40 total items– books and DVDs– at a time.

The board tabled items for more discussion involving the possible increase of the charge for persons who do not have a library card but want to use the computers; increasing the nonresident borrowers’ family fee; and the possibility of allowing food and drink in the local history and genealogy room.

In other news, board treasurer Allison Lucas’ request to cash a $5,000 Certificate of Deposit was OK’d. The money will be placed in the library’s general fund. Lucas also announced finances for the fiscal year, which ended on September 30, wound up $17,000 in the red.