09:10am, 09/05/15
Swap Shop
Swap Shop 9:25 to 10 AM Mon. through Sat. Call 660-886-5666.

Swap Shop Rules

Wanted items or items for sale listed for free on KMMO. 
No Garage or rummage sales on Swap Shop. We have the Rummage Sale Round-up for that.
No hand guns.
If it is your primary source of income, please don't advertise it on the Swap Shop.
You may list only ONE phone number or one address on the Swap Shop.

If you have a question as to what can go on the Swap Shop please ask the person answering the phone if your item can be advertised on Swap Shop, they will be happy to help you.

To participate, call 886-5666 or 1-800-727-5666 Monday through Saturday between 9:20 and 10 AM.

Swap Shop For 9/4/15

For Sale Dog Pen, Dog House, Border Collie/Blue Healer Mix. Call 815-1161

For Sale 2 Upright Freezer, Walk Behind Tiller. Call 886-9874

For Sale Pyraneese Pups, 2 Coackatiels, Canaries. Call 417-366-9606

For Sale Kenmore Washer & Dryer, Sewing Cabinet, Kitchen Clock. Call 886-3548

Looking For 15" Tires, Front Tine Tiller, 3 Lawn Mowers. Call 281-4085

Looking For Cell Phones To Donate. Call 831-0676

For Sale 15' Aluminum Boat w Paddles. Call 886-4454

For Sale '98 28x54 Double Wide. Call 221-4581

For Sale Cub Cadet Lawn Mower, Sears Push Mower. Call 723-4181

For Sale Mobile Home, '97 Escort. Call 281-2672

For Sale 16' Jon Boat & Motor. Call 631-9528

For Sale Cub Cadet Riding Mower, Freezer, 2 .22 Rifles, 2 Shotguns. Call 329-2436

Looking For Apple Butter. Call 886-3084

For Sale Clover/Fescue Round Bales, JD 60 Tractor, JD 420 Tractor. Call 888-3453

For Sale 2-3 Wheel Bikes, Biggs & Stratton Lawn Mowers, 4 Michelin Tires 16" Tires. Call 542-1070

Looking For Lease Land. Call 833-2134

For Sale Fryer Rabbits, 3 Guinneas, Wire Rabbit Cage, Ducks. Call 886-5228

For Sale Polaris 4 wheeler. Call 631-3698

Looking For Used Fodder. Call 376-2511

Swap Shop For 9/3/15

For Sale 3 pc Love Seat, Recliner, Twin Rollaway Bed. Call 631-0858

Looking For 18-10HP Briggs Motor. Call 322-0706

For Sale Car Trailer, Twin Bed. Call 641-1727

For Sale '98 Ford F150 4x4, Marlin Rifle w/Scope. Call 631-4007

For Sale Mercury Grand Marquis. Call 221-3096

Looking For Kitchen Mixer. Call 888-9625

Looking For Manure Spreader. Call 672-9232

For Sale 3rd Brake Light For '94 Ford Explorer. Call 229-1351

For Sale '10 16'John Boat,'98 Nissan Motor & Trailer. Call 631-9528

For Sale Treadmill. Call 631-3698

For Sale Tool Boxes. Call 573-819-8804

For Sale 2 Cockatiels, Canaries,LF Shihtzu Pups. Call 417-366-9606

For Sale Chickens, Dog Kennel. Call 815-2725

For Sale 3rd Row Seat From Suburban. Call 631-0044

For Sale Storm Windows, Doors & Frames, Lg TV. Call 542-0299

For Sale Geese & Ducks. Call 619-6050

For Sale 735 JD Riding Mower, 22" Push Mower. Call 734-4303

Looking For American Flag & Pole, Looking For Flat Screen TV. Call 529-3334

For Sale Dog Kennel, Puppy Pads & Spot Cleaner. Call 815-2717

For Sale Old Fashion Sled, Old Screen Door, LF Fridge. Call 229-1473

Swap Shop For 9/2/15

For Sale Antique Round Pedestal Table. Call 886-8604

Looking For Wheelchair. Call 563-5418

For Sale '00 Chevy Pick Up. Call 641-2479

For Sale Power Chair. Call 728-0283

For Sale Dryer. Call 815-4274

For Sale Mini Fridge. Call 621-0949

For Sale Weber Kettle Grill, Bunn Coffee Machine, Lg Crockpot. Call 573-474-6368

For Sale Fridge. Call 202-9309

For Sale '96 Chevy Lumina,'98 Saturn. Call 619-3658

For Sale '03 Pontiac Grand Prix. Call 281-0238

For Sale '05 Mercury Marquis. Call 221-3096

Looking For Boxes. Call 815-0164

For Sale '82 Chevy 4x4 Pick Up. Call 202-2809

For Sale '91 New Holland Hay Rake, Sickle Mower. Call 815-3394

For Sale Cub Cadet Tractor. Call 322-0706

Looking For Fridge, Grandfather Clock. Call 816-630-8705

For Sale Double Stroller, Car Seat, Tonneau Cover. Call 815-2310

For Sale Wheel Chair Car Carrier, Bunn Coffee Maker. Call 886-5921

For Sale 2 Freezers, 16" Reartine Tiller, LF 6x8 Utility Trailer. Call 202-0402

For Sale Hedge Trimmer, Antique Stamps. Call 229-0816

For Sale '08 Ford Ranger. Call 322-0488

For Sale '00 Chevy 3/4 Ton, 3 Sections Of Cattle Guard. Call 631-0160

Looking For Cargo Trailer 24' or Bigger. Call 573-999-4303

Swap Shop For 9/1/15

For Sale '95 GMC Conversion Van. Call 619-5733

For Sale 350 Motor & Transmission. Call 202-2809

For Sale Doors&Frames,Lg TV, Washer & Dryer, Antique Metal Bed. Call 542-0299

For Sale 2 Metal Cabinets, 2br Lake Home, Wedding Dress, Cedar Chest. Call 785-241-3316

For Sale Glasstop Stove, LF Turkeys & Chickens. Call 815-2725

Looking For 16" Tires & Car. Call 886-4356

For Sale Rabbits & Hutches. Call 329-0526

For Sale Baby Boy Clothing. Call 229-3946

For Sale China Cabinet, Ent Center, Central Mo Speedway Tix. Call 815-0228

For Sale Dining Table 6 Chairs, 3 Coffee Table, Both Sink. Call 202-9339

For Sale Ford 9n Ford Tractor. Call 973-1955

For Sale Pushball Table. Call 859-2670

For Sale Digital Camera, Small Trap. Call 441-1280

For Sale '90 Corvette. Call 248-2053

For Sale 2 Walkers, Power Tools. Call 229-2150

For Sale Rabbits, Rex Rabbits, Mare Pony, Guinneas. Call 886-5228

For Sale 50' Chain Link Fence & Gate. Call 864-4698

Looking For Small Truck. Call 463-2943

For Sale Hipoint 380 Pistol. Call 202-9853

For Sale 2 AC Units, Kenmore Stove, Washing Machine, Goat. Call 248-5185

For Sale Dog Kennel, Puppy Pads, Pet Stain Remover. Call 815-2717

Swap Shop For 8/31/15

For Sale 55 Gal , Guinnea Pig Cage, Prom Dresses. Call 831-0458

For Sale PS2 Games. Call 529-9989

For Sale Swing Set. Call 368-2151

For Sale Palimino, Looking For Saddle Stands, Radio Flyer Wagon. Call 631-2056

For Sale Pontiac Grand Prix, Male Dog. Call 281-0238

For Sale TV, Washer & Dryer, 5x5 Fridge, Dog Kennel. Call 542-0299

For Sale Polaris ATV4x4. Call 631-3698

For Sale Mattres & Box Springs, Sofa, Twin Bed. Call 287-7488

For Sale 25' Dodge Motorhome. Call 651-3532

For Sale 2005 Grand Marquis. Call 221-3096

For Sale Book ends, German Shepherd. Call 338-9902

For Sale 2008 GMC Truck, Freezer, 2 Double Barrel Shotguns, 17" Tires. Call 329-2436

For Sale Electric Cook Stove, Goat , Mini Horse. Call 248-5185

For Sale Boat ,Motor & Trailer, Fish Finder,Dog Pen, Free School Desk. Call 886-3015

For Sale 2br Lak House, CD/Tape Player, Coffee Table, Corner Cabinet. Call 785-241-3316

For Sale Red Healer Female. Call 553-1008

For Sale GMC Sierra Pick Up. Call 886-3298

Looking For Hichair, Booster Seats, Wading Pool, Swing Set w Slide. Call 815-5659

For Sale 2 Shepherd Hills Tix, Hutch, Panels. Call 909-1488

Swap Shop 8/22

Vacuum, microwave, king mattress and box springs- 287-7488

DVD player. movies, air filter- 831-0458

Fridge, ducks, glass cooktop, toolbox- 542-0299

Tires- 886-9780

Chevy Impala, guns, Brush hog- 329-2436

Saddles- 815-0418

Dresser, camera, TV- 441-1280

Bedroom set- 631-0840

Garden tractor, leaf blower- 660-200-6522

5 Lots, Pontiac- 281-2672

Dress, fridge, freezer- 548-3811

Hens and roosters- 846-4432

Wood stove, wants trailer tires and windows- 376-2511

Tires, wants good radio with CD player- 631-2056

Dining room table and chairs- 229-1178

Fish finer, boat, traler- 886-3015

Van- 394-2679

Dog kennell, puppy food, puppy pads, pet stain remover- 815-2717

Swap Shop 8/21/15

Marshall- glass top cooking stove, dining room table- 553-7084

Concordia- wants retail counter, gas stove- 909-2237

Marshall- tiller- 815-4728

Keytsville- calves, heifers, bulls, cedar chest, BBQ grill- 573-248-6464

Slater- PS2 games- 529-9989

Marshall- life jacket for dog- 886-2341

Sedalia- riding mower- 815-0955

Cole Camp- wants feeder, 03 Grand Prix- 281-2672

Marshall- wants yellow vinyl dining room chairs, wants rollaway beds, round table- 886-8604

Marshall- passes to science city- 886-5053

Chillicothe- tractor- 973-1955

Marshall- house at the Ozarks, corner cabinet, 2 cedar chests, wedding days- 785-241-3316

Marshall- DVD player, air tiller, movies- 831-0458

Carrollton- power wheels, leaf blower, mower- 542-2038

New Franklin- wants stove insert- 848-2650

Marshall- boat, mowers and tiller, 94 Lincon- 281-4085

Swap Shop 8/20/15

Marshall- jack, cage, swing- 831-0537

VCRs, typewriter, mic for PS- 542-0585

Twin bed, firewood- 429-9679

Marshall- jeans, entertainment center, end table- 202-9508

Carrollton- 79 Grand Am, boat motor, Bobcat- 542-3843

Marshall- help getting around Marshall- 813-3367

Marshall- 4 TVs, DVD player, VCR tapes and DVDs, crock pot- 202-2839

Carrollton- projectors, saw and sander, sewing machine- 542-0299

Cole Camp- tires, wants 04 or newer F150- 281-2672

Boonville- 63 Plymouth, 65 Fairlane, 51 dump truck- 537-4587

Chillicothe- 98 Ford Escort- 646-7801

Marshall- gift certificate for area restaurants- 886-5053


Swap Shop 8/19/15

Marshall- JD V-Twin- 886-9874

Marshall- green peppers, pickles, okra- 886-0183

Slater- PS2 games- 529-9989

Blackwater- scooter- 229-947-1027

Marshall- cultivator- 815-4728

Marshall- wants dryer and car- 886-4336

Malta Bend- chandeliers, boat, motor, trailer- 202-9852

Sedalia- microwave, purifier, mattress- 287-7488

Higginsville- spider lamp, dresser, TV, trap- 441-1280

Carrollton- 04 Dodge truck, boat, donut insector- 542-3843

Fayette- push mower, ACs, riding mower- 248-5185

Sweet Springs- 2 electric dryers- 815-4274

Concordia- 2 Branson tickets, wants trailer, concrete lions- 909-1480

Glasgow- 95 Chevy truck- 338-9902

Slater- freezer, 98 Mercedes, 305 Chevy- 529-2587

Marshall- kenell for small dog, puppy food, puppy pads- 815-2717

Marshall- Chevy motor, 94 Lincoln, wants tires- 281-4085

Swap Shop 8/18/15

Marshall- John Deere riding mower, pool table- 886-0478

Marshall- wants high chair- 886-4019

Marshall- wants fridge- 631-2987

Mt Vernon- female Chihuahua puppy. rabbits, canaries- 417-366-9606

Marshall- cultivator- 815-4728

Glasgow- 1996 S10- 338-2795

Marshall- 2 TVs, DVD player- 631-5066

Marshall- 2011 32' travel trailer- 815-0744

Marshall- 2 window ACs- 202-2506

Huntsville- 1/2 gallon old marbles, window AC, watches, wristwateches- 269-6002

Blackburn- crib mattress, changing table- 631-6362

Glasgow- 90 Kawasaki, metal rack, wants wooden swingset- 728-5188

Versailles- canoe with trolling motor, 1950 tractor, tractor and blade- 815-5429

Carrollton- wants early 90's Metro- 816-560-8854

Marshall- corner entertainment center, end tables- 202-9508

Marshall- tiller- 815-1161