12:02pm, 02/12/16
Swap Shop
Swap Shop 9:25 to 10 AM Mon. through Sat. Call 660-886-5666.

Swap Shop Rules

Wanted items or items for sale listed for free on KMMO. 
No Garage or rummage sales on Swap Shop. We have the Rummage Sale Round-up for that.
No hand guns.
If it is your primary source of income, please don't advertise it on the Swap Shop.
You may list only ONE phone number or one address on the Swap Shop.

If you have a question as to what can go on the Swap Shop please ask the person answering the phone if your item can be advertised on Swap Shop, they will be happy to help you.

To participate, call 886-5666 or 1-800-727-5666 Monday through Saturday between 9:20 and 10 AM.

Swap Shop for Friday, 2/12/16

Marshall: Looking for: someone to put a zipper in a pair of men's jeans; 886-2793

Marhsall: Looking for: used car; looking for: Playstation 2 game systems and games; 815-3912

Hustonia: For sale: Bone colored toilet; truck bed liner for a 1973 to 1987 Chevy or GMC truck; 568-3510

Slater: For sale: 3 pair of men's rubber work boots, size 10, size 6 and youth size 5; 529-9989

Slater: For sale: oak firewood; 631-9347

Hardin: For sale: set of 4 Ford 5-bolt rims with tires; Everyready 500 gallon residential propane tank; collection of 22 Playstation 3 games; (816) 786-4547

Slater: Looking for: Twin-size box springs and mattress; 529-2788

Marshall: Looking for: double barrell shotgun with hammers; 886-5659

Sedalia: For sale: 2009 Mercury Grand Marquis; 221-3096

Marshall: For sale: Crown Royal bags and material; 886-8366

Carrollton: For sale: Rollup garage door; few bags of Pilsbury cake donut mix; Craftsman lawn sweeper; 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD; (314) 740-6470

Marshall: For sale: 1100 gallon water tank with 50 feet of hose; John Deere lawn mower; hot tub; (606) 202-3350

Marshall: For sale: dresser drawers; 202-7044

Cole Camp: Looking 2004 or newer Ford or Chevy pickup; For sale: 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix; 829-5356

Marshall: Looking for: part time housekeeper; looking for: plants: For sale: Kirby vaccuum cleaner; 831-0676

Keytesville: For sale: Baby bottle goats; Great Pyrenees pups; 16-inch ranch saddle; 2 young Hampshire gilts; (573) 406-7101

Chillicothe: For sale: 5x8 tilt trailer; 12 gage Remington semi-automatic shotgun; 646-4549

Marshall: For sale: CD/tape player; rack of ladie's coats and clothes; 2 bedroom house at the Lake of the Ozarks; coffee table; (785) 241-3316

Concordia: Looking for: refrigerator; 238-7760

Lexington: Looking for: Canaries; 232-1695

Swap Shop for Thursday, 2/11/16

Marshall: For sale: Kirby vaccuum cleaner: looking for: houseplants; looking for: housekeeper; 831-0676

Chillicothe: For sale: 1991 16-foot fish and ski boat; 973-1955

Richmond: Looking for: 1994 3/4-ton Chevy parts truck, will consider a 1993-1995; (816) 529-1963

Sedalia: For sale: 2 riding lawn mowers; pull-behind mower; 287-3509

Marshall: For sale: Cultivator/tiller; leaf blower; 815-4728

Marshall: Looking for: non-working chest type deep freezer; 202-7681

Sedalia: Looking for: Chrysler Town & Country van; For sale: 2009 Mercury Grand Marquis; 221-3096

Marshall: For sale: black student desk; Men's shirts and sweatshirts size medium, large and extra-large; Junor and Misses tops; 4 clutch purses; baskets of artifical flowers; looking for: small flat screen TV; 886-0699

Marshall: Looking for: sofa/love seat set; looking for: duck eggs; 202-2678

Waverly: For sale: 2007 Chevy Malibu; 14-foot flat-bottom boat and motor; few guns; 329-2436

Boonville: Lookin for horse; (573) 291-3124

Warrensburg: For sale: Yorkie/Chihuahua mix puppy; free cats; 909-9259

Marshall: For sale: farm fresh eggs; 20 gallon fish tank; 631-4803

Marshall: Looking for: gun cabinet; 886-6061

Greenridge: Looking for: Chevy or Dodge extended cab truck; 238-3624

Sweet Springs: For sale: rabbit cages; 3 ducks; (573) 644-2323

Cole Camp: For sale: 2000 Ford Ranger; 829-5356

Carrollton: For sale: hide-away gooseneck hitch; 641-0583

Swap Shop for Wednesday, 2/10/16

Marshall: Looking for: job as an in-home caregiver; 815-2685

Marshall: For sale: coupon for heated seates; 886-5053

Cole Camp: For sale: 2 sliding barn door tracks and hangers; 886-9874

Marshall: For sale: 7-foot snow plow; overhead heater for shop/garage; 631-4889

Sedalia: For sale: 20 gallon watertight tubs for plants; 527-3573

Excelsior Springs: Looking for: grandfather clock; looking for: 5 to 6 year-old 20 cubic foot refrigerator with ice maker; (816) 630-8705

Keytesville: For sale: Livestock guardian puppies; 2 Hampshire gilts; bottlefed baby goats; angus feeder steers; (573) 248-6464

Sweet Springs: RCA surround sound system; 202-2809

Cole Camp Junction: Looking for: tankless water heater; For sale: 5 lots with shop and barn, 14x70 mobile home; 829-5356

Sweet Springs: For sale: 3 adult ducks and feed; cages; weight bench and weights; Bengal cat; queen size bed and 2 night stands; (573) 644-2323

Blackburn: 1996 26-28-foot camper; 229-4683

Marshall: Looking for: pet taxi for a 50-pound dog; 631-3207

Marshall: For sale: JVC CD player; size 18 wedding dress; 2 bedroom house at Lake of the Ozarks; (785) 241-3316

Blackwater: For sale: 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport; 621-1087

Marshall: Free: female dog; 229-0090

Fayette: For sale: Blue tweed Chaze massage lounger; LP wall furnace; electric motors and squirrell cage fans from furnaces; handicap items; 248-5185

Marshall: For sale: Guinas; chickens; hens; 886-5228

Marshall: For sale: black student desk; men's shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts size medum large and extra large; 4 clutch purses; looking for: small flat screen TV; 886-0699

Slater: For sale: collection of music instruments; collection of pocket knives; 4 drawer file cabinet; aluminum scrap metal; 529-3334

Moberly: For sale: wooden baby bed; GE rotisserie oven; antique Missouri Pacific scoop shovel; 998-4331

Swap Shop for Tuesday, 2/9/16

Marshall: For sale: pair of diabetic shoes size 9 or 10; 202-9853

Gillam: For sale: Push mower; 621-1776

Marshall: For sale: floor furnace; 229-1950

Malta Bend: For sale: 48-inch Troybuilt mower; Samsung Gear watches; truck parts; bedroom set; 641-4500

Glasgow: For sale: 3-point hitch log splitter; 728-9452

Carrollton: Tonneau cover for a short bed pickup; 1997 Dodge 1500 pickup; 542-9896

Boonville: For sale: hitch for an 2003-2007 Dodge Grand Caravan; (417) 440-8438

Arrow Rock: For sale: 6-burner commercial Vulcan gas stove; 36-inch commercial grill; grill fire extingusiher system; 837-3310

Marshall: Looking for plants; 831-0676

Slater: For sale: Firewood; 631-9347

Marshall: For sale: 4 push mowers; 2 cycle cultivator; 815-4728

Sedalia: For sale: 2009 Mercury Grand Grand Marquis; 221-3096

Marshall: For sale: Box of 96 rolls bathroom tissue; rolls of paper towels; folding paper towels; trash bags; 886-5228

Cole Camp Junction: Free: 3 cushion couch; For sale: 2003 Pontiac Grand Pris; 2000 Ford Ranger; 829-5356

Marcelene: For sale: 5-speed transmission, transfer case, and complete 4x4 front differential from a 1998 Chevy 1500 4x4 pickup; 376-2511

Slater: Looking for: chest-type deep freezer; 631-9471

Waverly: For sale: seasoned firewood; big round bales of hay; 493-2863

Sweet Springs: For sale: Forklift forks; German war items; Bulletproof vest; swords; 619-4413

Slater: For sale: Seasoned firewood; 631-3670

Marshall: For sale: Entertainment center; recliner; microwave cart; 886-3128 after 6PM

Swap Shop for Monday, 2/8/16

Marshall: For sale: wicker lawn set; china cabinet/hutch; (303) 246-4929

Marshall: For sale: set of Chevy rally wheels; 815-3394

Marshall: For sale: handmade mirror; walnut planter stand; set of 15 Daniel Steele novels; 886-7117

Slater: For sale: 75 gallon fish aquarium; dining room table; looking for: 1889 intake manifold for a Chevy motor; 529-2946

Boonville: For sale: Class 3 reciever hitch with receiver and ball for an 03-07 Dodge Caravan; (417) 440-8438

Sedalia: For sale: Stainless steel cooktop with 3 3-quart pots and lids; Queen size mattress and box springs; pair of twin mattresses; 287-0559

Hardin: For sale: Mapex snare drum/accessories; Action A2 collapsable wheelchair; Everyready residential propane tank; (816) 786-4547

Marshall: Free: antique school desk; 886-3015

Mt. Vernon: For sale: cockateel; Chihuahuas; looking for: 6-pound registered Shitzu male puppy; (417) 366-9606

Cole Camp Junction: For sale: 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix; looking for: full-suze Ford or Chevy 2003 or newer pickup; 281-0238

Carrollton: For sale: Stihl BT-55 leaf blower; collection of wristwatches; saws; 200-6522

Glasgow: For sale: 2 metal lawn chair sets; 10- ply tires froma  2002 GMC pickup; oak rocking chair; 338-2963

Moberly: For sale: Small RV; 414-6501

Marshall: looking for: hard plastic "kiddie" style pool; 815-2854

Carrollton: Looking for: auto transmission from a 1990 Ford F-150; (314) 740-6470

Fayette: For sale: Blue tweed chaze massage lounger; LP wall furnace; motors and squirrell cage fans from furnaces; handicap items; 248-5185

Carrollton: Looking for: Kelly Ryan Silage wagon; 542-8416

Sedalia; Looking for: replica wrestling belts; 229-1666

Marshall: Looking for: house plants; 831-0676

Chillicothe: For sale: 5x8 tilt trailer with ramps; 2 pair of roller skates; 646-4549

Swap Shop 2/6/16

For sale: Puppies, guilds, saddle- 573-248-6464

For sale: Entertainment center, China cabinet top, mattresses- 287-0559

Looking for a houskeeper- 831-4676

For sale: Dolls, framing nailer, fridge

For sale: Walnut planter stand, mirror stand, computer screen- 886-7117

Looking for a bed for a pick up truck- 620-9144

For sale: Dishwasher, mini fridges- 631-2305

Looking for an 05 or newer Chrysler van, selling a Grand Marquis

Looking for cedar concrete blocks- 631-5570

Looking for an upright freezer- 815-4242

For sale: Travel trailer, camper shell, quarter horses- 641-2479

For sale: Crown Royal bags- 886-8366

For sale: Antique items, tools, musical instruments- 529-3334

Swap Shop for Saturday, 1/16/15

Sedalia: For Sale: 16-foot bumper hitch trailer; 864-7712

Marshall: For Sale: Black Angus bull; 886-8604

Glasgow: For Sale: Gooseneck flat bed trailer; dozer tracks; hydraulic remote from a John Deere; 20-foot aluminum fishing boat; 728-5188

Slater: For Sale: Sony entertainment system; boxes of miscellaneous items; old pop bottles; pocket knives; 529-3334

Sedalia: For Sale: White metal glasstop patio table; full to queen size headboard; baby swing; 287-0559

Slater: For Sale: table and 6 chairs; 529-2077

Slater: For Sale: oak firewood; 631-9347

Moberly: For Sale or trade: Collectible Edition 1984 Olds 442; For Sale: 1968 Chevy pickup; teeder swing; 636-8468

Marshall: Looking for: bolt action .22 rifle; 202-3924

Huntsville: For Sale: 1995 Chevy 4-wheel-drive pickup; 2004 Lincoln LS; 15 horsepower Kohler engine for a riding lawn mower; 269-6002

Fayette: Looking for: smaller flat-screen TV; For Sale: electric clothes dryer; squirrell cage fans; electric motors; set of 245/75/16 tires; 248-5185

Sedalia: For Sale: Carrier 80,000 BTU furnace; 281-6945

Sedalia: For Sale: 2009 Mercury car; 221-3096

Waverly: For Sale: 2002 Malibu 4-door; 2 .22 rifles; set of tires 265/70/16; 329-2436

Marshall: Looking for: execersie bike; looking for: Two 195/75/14 tires; 886-9780

Sedalia: For Sale: sofa and matching love seat; (573) 999-5943

Marshall: For Sale: 32-inch smart TV; 886-5921

Sedalia: Looking for: chansaw sawmill; 886-9874

Hardin: For Sale: Eveready residential/commercial 500 gallon propane tank; Invocare wheelchair; collection of PlayStation 3 games; (816) 786-4547

Moberly: For Sale: car seat; double glass cabinet; walker chair; electric water bowl and heated dog pen; 998-4331

Marshall: For Sale: 14 carat gold ring; DVDs; Women's sweaters size 3X; 815-0251

Marshall: For Sale: 12-gage automatic shotgun; electric chainsaw; 886-3015

Slater: For Sale: 1988 corvette; floor polisher; Craftsman tool box; 529-2587

Marcelene: For Sale: Tilt steering column for a manual transmission 1998 Chevy 1500 4x4 pickup; Looking for: pickup under $500; 376-2511

Malta Bend: For Sale: kitchen table and 4 chairs; trolling motor; old truck parts; 202-3594

Marshall: For Sale: LG 7-inch tablet new-in-box; 815-1919

Marshall: For Sale: Frigidaire gas range; 886-8696

Sweet Springs: For Sale: 5 male registered Border Collie pups; 619-3199

Swap Shop 1/9/16

Log splitter- 846-3675

Lost decoys- 202-9076

Recliner, chair, TV- 287-0559

Wants .22 250 camper for sale- 815-0744

Wants .22, TV for sale- 202-3924

Firewood- 619-0610

03 Grand Prix. jacket- 281-0238

Daybed- 537-0257

Misc items- 529-3334

Walkers and wheelchair- 229-2150

Woodstove, garage door- 414-6599

Boxer machine- 619-1688

Printer, paper shredder, vaccum- 463-7769

Tire, China cabinet, walker- 998-4331

Ring, flag, sweaters- 815-0251

Firewood- 631-9347 
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