10:00am, 03/06/15
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Swap Shop for Saturday 2/28/15

For sale: horseshoe-shaped computer desk with a high-back rolling chair; Whirlpool window heating/cooling unit; odd & end chairs; Fayette: 833-6421

Looking for used car/truck/minivan; 202-0471

For sale: young purebred Austrailian Shepherds; Lawson: (620) 575-4650

For sale: oak firewood; looking for a log splitter; Slater: 631-9347

For sale: entertainment center; Marshall: 831-1811

For sale: double stroller; box of 22-pound yeast; looking for couch/loveseat (not leather); Concordia: (205) 396-8791

For sale: 860 Ford tractor; 1999 Dodge Ram Caravan; Sedalia; 221-3096

For sale: 31 Avon Christmas plates; Gravois Mills: (573) 372-5594

For sale: mixed Yorkie; Knob Noster: 238-2566

For sale: 1999 Monte Carlo; 2001 GMC pickup; 2 .22 rifles; 329-2436

For sale: New Ukelele in box and a Xylophone; Remington BB rifle; Sure studio mic; 5-string Banjo; Slater: 529-3334

For sale: Carl Edwards T-shirts; Slater: 631-5864

For sale: Vintage comic books; Electric snow blower; Brunswick: 229-3491

For sale; Electric 18-inch snow blower; Marshall: 229-3491

To give away: king-size mattress; Sweet Springs: 202-2809

For sale: 3 tires size 265/75/16; complete set of tires and wheels from a 1997 Chevy 4x4; Harley Davidson motorcycle jacket; Marshall: 631-2056

For sale: Pair Michelin 225/65/17 tires; Bissell bagless vaccuum; .925 silver ring size 7; Sedalia: 287-7488

For sale: 8 horse snow blower; 1991 Raleigh sport Camaro; 350 Chevy 2-barrell; Slater: 529-2587

For sale: Westfield seed aulger; 542-8416

Looking for: yellow vinyl/chrome kitchen chairs; Marshall: 886-8604

For sale: 2001 Chevy pickup; Hardeman: 631-3528

Looking for: canoe; looking for Chevy S-10 truck; looking for upright deep freezer; Marshall: 202-2747
Swap Shop

For Sale Murray Riding Mower, Front Tine Tiller, Weed Eaters. Call 886-6668

Looking For Square Bales. Call 335-4075

For Sale 10- 1 Year Old Laying Hens. Call 827-3156

For Sale Pure Bred Ausi Shepherd. Call 620-575-4650

For Sale Ryobi Weed Eater, Looking For Samsung Galaxy 3. Call 202-2809

For Sale 18" Snow Blower. Call 229-3491

For Sale Small Square Bales Mix Grass. Call 441-2421

For Sale GMC Acadia. Call 815-0378

For Sale 36" TV, Wedding Dress, Lg Leather Winter Coat, 2 BR Home Lake Ozark. Call 785-241-3316

Looking For Desktop PC, Dining Room Set, Fridge. Call 816-630-8705

Looking For Upholstry Mahine,Iron Hot Rack. Call 886-3015

For Sale  Bissell Vac, Silver Ring, Game Chair. Call 287-3406

For Sale Big Round Bales Of Red Clover. Call 527-3573
Swap Shop

For Sale Viper Tree Stand. Call 287-8351

For Sale Reece 2" Towing Package, Ladies Tan Suede Boots , Grey Suede Boots, Puzzles. Call 831-0537

For Sale Black Fridge , Table & Chairs, Carpet. Call  815-7202

For Sale St. Louis Cardinals Sunglasses. Call 886-0849

For Sale 860 Ford Tractor, LF Minivan. Call 221-3096

For Sale Purebred Austrlian Shepherd Pups. Call 620-575-4650

Looking For Used Propane Stove. Call 634-2326

For Sale Aluminum Toolbox For S10, Looking For 94-95 Chevy 3/4 Ton For Parts. Call 816-529-1963

For Sale Couch. Call 831-1372

For Sale Swing Set, Looking For Washer,LF Mattress. Call 202-2839

For Sale 450 Bushel Auger wagon. Call 641-2353

For Sale '85 Chevy 1/2 Ton Pick Up. Call 973-1955

For Sale '01 Chevy Blazer Xtreme, 50 Cal Black Powder Rifle. Call 734-4303

For Sale 2 Older TVs, Flags, PS3 Game. Call 631-5066

For Sale Red Laying Hens,Guinneas,Snow Call Duck. Call 886-5228

Looking For Picking Axe, Looking For Post Hole Digger, Differential Case,'98 Chevy Pick Up. Call 376-2511

For Sale Martin Bow w Case, 54 Cal Muzzle Loader. Call 886-1122
Swap Shop

Looking For  Cheap Truck Call 202-1317

For Sale Wood Stove w Wood. Call 833-6927

For Sale '82 Yamaha Motorcycle. Call 238-3624

Looking For Gun Cabinet. Call 619-5044

For Sale 2 Snow Tires 205/75/14, Car Battery. Call 815-5138

Looking For Used Vehicle. Call 815-2764

For Sale Stihl Chainsaw, Air Compressor, Looking For .22 Rifle. Call 542-2038

Looking For Propane
Swap Shop

For Sale Conair Barbers Kit,6 Boxes Of Hardback books,LF Dodge Or Ford. Call 833-9646

For Sale Washer & Dryer, 2 TVS. Call 631-9240

For Sale Apt Size Fridge, Lift Chair.Call 831-5178

For Sale Purebrad Austrilian  Shepherd. Call 620-575-4650

For Sale Batman Figures. Call 529-9989

For Sale Decorative Small Windmill, Purple Martin House, China Cabinet.Call 631-2664

For Sale Geo Tracker or S10. Call 677-4125

For Sale King Mattress, LF queen Frame. Call 202-2809

For Sale Femal Mini Horse, Mini Donkey, Propane Tank. Call 631-9935

For Sale 6 String Steel Guitar Case & Amp, 4 String Solid Body Electric Guitar, Corn Cob Pipes. Call 529-3334

For Sale Bissle Upright Vac, Area Rugs, Twin Mattress. Call 287-7488

For Sale 14x70 Mobile Home, '97 Ford Escort, Chainsaw. Call 281-2672

For Sale Troy Built Generator, Wheel Chair Carrier, Jazzy Wheelchair, Lift Chair. Call 886-5433

For Sale AT&T Prepaid Cell Phone,Bagless Vac. Call 202-7642

For Sale Pyranese Puppies. Call 287-4733

Looking For Coat Trees, Womens Hunting Boots. Call 886-5965
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