10:37am, 03/27/15
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Swap Shop

For Sale Wheelchair, Walker. Call 631-1532

For Sale 6' Blade,Finish Mower, Meat Rabbits.Call 841-5623

For Sale Purebred Ausi Shepherd Pup. Call 620-575-4650

For Sale '96 Ford Mustang, 2 Guns, 5x5 Fridge. Call 329-3436

For Sale Dining Table & Chairs, Cabunet. Call 238-2569

For Sale 12x9 Deck. Call 233-2509

For Sale '11 Ford Escape. Call 815-3540

For Sale Harley Boots,Liftchair, 27" TV. Call 831-5178

For Sale Leaf Blower, Weedeater. Call 886-6668

For Sale 3 Chairs, Ammo Box, Gospel Records, Misc. Tools, Yard Cart. Call 529-3334

For Sale 2 Metal Rings, Hay Rake Wheels,'94 Lincoln Mark 8. Call 281-4085

For Sale '02 Monte Carlo, Murray Riding Mower. Call 542-3843
Swap Shop

For Sale Elyptical trainer. Call 432-940-6230

For Sale Weedeater. Call 886-6668

For Sale John Deere  LT 133 Riding Mower. Call 322-0706

For Sale Troy Built Generator, Wheelchair Cover, Jazzy Chair, Lift Chair, Dining Table & Chairs. Call 886-5433

Looking To Rent 2BR Home. Call 815-3366

For Sale PS2 Games, Xbox Games, Batman Figures. Call 529-9989

For Sale Purbred Ausi Shepherd Pup. Call 620-575-4650

For Sale '06 Kia Sedona. Call 221-3096

For Sale Twin Bed, Sheets & Conforter, Wooden Frame. Call 202-0446

For Sale '99 F350 Dually 4x4. Call 287-3629

For Sale 2 Iron Rake Wheels, 2 Metal Rings, 920 Truck Tire. Call 281-4085

For Sale 20' Fiberglass Ext Ladder, 2 31" TV's, Lg Football Card Collection. Call 816-786-4547

For Sale Western Paperback Books, 2-30gal Plastic Barrels. Call 886-5228

For Sale 3 Camper shells. Call 816-263-1757

For Sale Swing Set, Plushy Robe. Call 202-2839

For Sale Firestone Tires, Garden Tiller, Car Battery. Call 815-2762
Swap Shop For Monday

For Sale Plastic Container w 7 Drawers, Lil Tykes Toddler Swing, Mini Blinds 27x64. Call 831-0537

For Sale Golf Cart, 2 Finishing Mowers, 2 Plows. Call 841-5623

For Sale Weed Eater, Leaf Blower. Call 886-6668

For Sale Wheels & Tires For Chevy, Harley Jacket, '03 Harley Dyna Wide Glide.Call 631-3202

For Sale Purbred Ausi Shepherd. Call 620-575-4650

Looking For  Garden Tractor, 410 Pump Shotgun, 20 Gal Air Compressor. Call 200-6522

For Sale JD LT150 Riding Mower. Call 537-5801

For Sale Electric Plug In Cooler, Robi Weedeater 202-2809

For Sale '95 Charger Bass Boat. Call 229-1148

For Sale 2br Home In Edwards Mo, Coffee Table, Stained Chess Board, Wedding Dress. Call 785-241-3316

For Sale '02 Chevy Malibu. Call 229-0090

For Sale '78 Boat & Trailer. Call 815-0706

For Sale Chocolate Guinneas. Call 827-3156

For Sale Twin Mattress & Box, Lil Tykes Desk & Chair, Ring. Call 287-7488

For Sale Push Mower. Call 202-2230

For Sale Twin Sheets & Comforters. Call 202-0446

For Sale Spoke Chevy Wheels, Receiver Hitch, Tires. Call 998-4331

For Sale 80 Watt Amp For Car, 3pc Cane Pole, Battery Charger, Printer. Call 202-2722

For Sale Blue Tick Pup, Turkeys, Mini Horse,Looking For Front Tine Tiller. Call 886-3015
John Dutton
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