04:43am, 10/31/14
Past Weeks :  
Swap Shop For Tuesday 10/21/14

For Sale Qn Size Sofa Sleeper. Call 229-1743

For Sale 871 A Phone, 5 Boxes Of Books, Pair Of Jeans. Call 833-9646

For Sale 2" Towing Package, Puzzles, Scrubs. Call 831-0537

For Sale Guns, SKS,303, 6 Boxes Of .2230 Ammo Call 510-717-9791

For Sale Honda Watercooled Motor, Transmission. Center Lines S-10. Call 553-7498

For Sale House & 10acres In Glasgow 4br & 3Bath, Pond. Call 728-0491

For Sale '97 Buick Sentry. Call 815-3262

For Sale Chihuahuas1 Female -2 Males. Call 202-7642

For Sale Kenmore Washer & Dryer, 2 Chihuahuas. Call 815- 4964

For Sale Dinettes Set Table & Chairs, Kitchen Table. Call 202-3499

'99 Ford Taurus,.223 Bolt Action Rifle, Side By Side Fridge. Call 329-2436

For Sale Calf Shelter. Call 909-2071

For Sale Chevy V8 Vortec Motor, Concrete Mixer, 18qt Motor. Call 619-3064

For Sale Bull Mastiff/Pitbull Dog, Kenmore Dishwasher,Looking For Snow Shoveler. Call 886-7643

For Sale 60 Black & White Movies,Powerwasher, 16" Chainsaw. Call 221-2865

For Sale GMC Rollback. Call 641-6734

For Sale VCR Tapes,Womens Sketchers, Sweatshirts, Jackets. Call 202-2839

For Sale '02 Ford F150 XLT Truck, '06 Equinox. Call 831-0345

For Sale Cheifs Stadium Coat. Call 620- 5782

For Sale Camper Shell For '05 Chevy Shortbed. Call 631-1801

For Sale Acoustic Piano. Call 784-2208

Looking For Belt Sander. Call 441-3149

Swap Shop For Monday 10/22/14

For Sale '02 Harley Fatboy. Call 202-7461

For Sale Front Load LG Washer. Call 919-597-0775

Looking For Play Pen. Call 335-0102

Looking For Book Case & Used Car. Call 886-4356

For Sae Starwars Collection, VCR. Call 529-9989

For Sale Microwave Cart w Butcher Block Top, 36"x80" Wood Door, Brass Chandilier. Call 287-5605

For Sale Pick Up bed Trailer, Deer Stand, 36" Steel Door. Call 886-3015

For Sale Kitchen Table, Crysta;l Chandalier, Chihuahua Pups. Call 886-1558

For Sale 10Ext Ladder, Sega Video Game, Large Football Card Collection. Call 816-786-4547

Lot In Slater w Gargae. Call 631-3955

For Sale '04 Mazda Tribute, Looking For Small Calf & Pigs. Call 672-9667

For Sale Apples. Call 631-0458

For Sale 643 Corn Header. Call 481-2234

Looking For A 4x4 Pick Up. Call 998-4974

For Sale Chihuahua Puppies. Call 202-2809

For Sale 2 Adult & 1 Childs Ticket Science City. Call 229-3629

For Sale LG Washer, Whirlpool Dryer. Call 919-597-0775

For Sale Firewood. Call 202-3192

For Sale Lg Pet Taxi, Western Books, Breeding Does & Bucks. Call 886-5228

For Sale Cabinet, Looking For P185-70-R14 Tires Need 4. Call 815-3545

For Sale 25.6 Gun. Call 864-7712

For Sale 1 Ticket To Sundays Chiefs Game vs Rams. Call 886-5965

For Sale "18 Grain Bin. Call 202-2948

For Sale Barbwire Pumpkins. Call 346-8795

Looking For Full Size Bed. Call 202-2896