07:27am, 12/21/14
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Swap Shop For Friday 12/12/14

For Sale 220 Sq Ft Oak Flooring. Call 542-4665

For Sale '77 Ford Pinto, Homemade Race Trailer. Call 631-5367

For Sale Layout Blind. Call 414-0014

For Sale Laptop, Tmobile Smart Phone. Call 816-786-4547

For Sale Happy Meal Toys, PS2 Games. Call 529-9989

Looking for RV Hotwater Heater. Call 202-0758

Looking For Fresh Eggs. Call 886-5202

For Sale Chest Waders. Call 292-2800

For Sale Wood Stove. Call 631-9166

Looking For Garage Door Opener, Plasma Cutter, Band Saw. Call 909-2237

For Sale '54 Jubilee Tractor, Hedge Post. Call 388-5256

For Sale 466 Motor, '06 Yamaha Rhino. Call 816-699-7449

Looking For Wood Furnace or Boiler. Call 973-2990

For Sale Firewood. Call 631-9111

For Sale Living Room Set, Dining & Appliances. Call 573-777-2855For Sale Chest Waders. Call
Swap Shop For Thursday

For Sale Hospital Bed, Small Ent Center. Call 631-3699

Looking For Single Bed,Box Springs & Frame. Call 202-2809

For Sale German Shorthair Pointer Pups. Call 815-0706

For Sale Steel Stock Tank, Vinyl Records. Call 281-0253

For Sale Shortbed Fiberglass Camper Shell. Call 347-5580

For Sale Tires 275/65/18. Call 815-7511

For Sale 1000 Watt Honda Generator. Call 888-9368

Looking For Chevy S10 Pick Up. Call 677-4125

For Sale 50 CAl Black Powder Rifle, Deep Freeze, Baby Bed. Call 202-7702

For Sale 50' Tower. Call 202-7407

For Sale Carousel Horse, Ant School Desk, '03 Explorer XLT. Call 886-3015

For Sale Electric Mattress Cover, Christmas Ornaments, Swing Set. Call 202-2839

Looking For Go Kart. Call 909-4509

For Sale Slater Boys Letter Jacket 3 XL. Call 784-2513

For Sale 1500 Sq Bales.Call 888-3453

Looking For Electric Golf Cart.Call 831-0921

Swap Shop For Tuesday 12/914

For Sale Singer Sewing Machine. Call 815-4245

For Sale 4 Cooper Tires 195/65/R15, Free Kittens. Call 631-6777

For Sale '13 Polaris 550 XP 4 Wheeler. Call 414-5518

For Sale '63 Ford Galaxy. Call 631-5108

For Sale 7' Skid Loader Bucket. Call 473-9285

Looking For 2000 Watt Generator. Call 888-9368

Looking For Bred Heifers/Cows, Wood Stove, Carberators For 350 Chevy. Call 998-9719

For Sale Barnette Bow. Call 542-4998

Looking For 15" Chevy Aluminum wheels. Call 846-2671

For Sale '95 18' Pontoon, Motor & Trailer. Call 223-2432

For Sale Roping Saddle. Call 553-1008

For Sale McDonald Happy Meal Toys, 3 PS2 Games, Starwars Items. Call 529-9989

For Sale Seasoned Wood. Call 631-3670

For Sale 5x8 Area Rug. Call 529-2077

For Sale Anhydrous Tool Bars. Call 621-0219

For Sale Male Blue Heeler/Australian Shepherd Dog. Call 238-3413

For Sale Electric Space Heater, Weight Bench. Call 631-2621

For Sale 10' John Boat , Motor & Trailer. Call 621-9577
Swap Shop For Monday Dec 8th

Looking For Electric Dryer & 12v Ford Pick Up. Call 831-0345

For Sale Black Flat Surface Stove, Ent. Center, TV Stand. Call 202-4060

For Sale '76 Ozark Travel Trailer, Natural Gas Furnace, Hotdog Cooker. Call 233-3831

For Sale Nintendo NES, 22lbs Of Yeast. Call 205-396-8791

For Sale HP Laptop, 79" Door, Wooden Windows. Call 287-5605

For Sale Purple Martin House, JD Decorative Windmills, Glasstop Coffee Tables. Call 631-2664

Free Upright Piano. Call 886-8015

For Sale Farmall Tractor. Call 815-3394

For Sale Red Healer Pups. Call 258-3084

For Sale Kirby Vaccum. Call 229-1771

Looking For Small Car & Racetrack. Call 831-0676

For Sale Storm Doors & Windows, Fridge,220 Clothes Dryer. Call 248-5185

For Sale Honda Riding Mower. Call 816-233 0103

For Sale Office Desk, Baby Bunny, Misc Items. Call 525-8286

For Sale Cookie Jar, Frame Pulling Equipment,'97 Ford Escort, 14x70 Mobile Home. Call 281-2672

For Sale Tires 215/70/r15. Call 886-6340

For Sale Magnavox DVD Player. Call 631-4805

For Sale 4.3 Chevy Vortec Motor, LF Electric Stove, LF Wall Heater. Call 376-2511

For Sale Lionel Trainsets, '00 Dodge Neon. Call 329-0518
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