02:28pm, 10/20/16
Past Weeks :  
Swap Shop For 10/12/16

For sale for coats, Pez dispensers. Call 529-9989
Looking for 6 x 10 or 6 x 12 flat bed trailer. Call 864-7712
For sale Samsung galaxy S5 and tab for with accessories. Call 816-786-4547
Looking for 16' x 8' garage door. Call 542-9896
For sale woman's costume. Call 229 1002
 For sale bedside lamp, KC Chiefs coat, jacket. Call 831-0458
For sale 25 foot brush shocks, 7 foot blade, two row cultivator, truckmounted Blade Call 229-1950
For sale electric stove, grandfather clock. Call 816-783-0221
 For sale 76 coach fifth wheel camper, 04 mustang, antique cedar chest. Call 886-2176
For sale 99 Corolla, Landon Vinton County, Husqvarna chainsaw. Call 829-5356
For sale stainless steel 25–06 rifle, 16 foot steel trailer, guns. Call 329-2436
 For sale 5 hp tiller, surveillance system. Call 281 2944
Swap Shop For 10/11/16

For sale 02 Dodge Dakota extended cab. Call 631408H 

for sale GE electric dryer. Call 815-0661 

for sale vacuum, foothills fest ticket, looking for housekeeper. Call 815 5934 

For sale 94 Chevy pick up. Call 202-1317

For sale calving heifers, locker beef, born any goats, ewes Call 573-248-6464
For sale five antique dining chairs. Call 886-7044

For sale 02 GMC Sierra extended cab in camper shell, 04 Ford extended cab 4 x 4, wind up clock. Call 221-3096
For sale 97 Ford F1 50. Call 734-4303
For sale two shovels, Fostoria glasses. Call 886-1180
For sale leaf blower, 13 hp motor, motorcycle stand. Call 287-3509
Looking for Barnwood, half-inch plywood, 2x4s Call 573-673-8797
For sale antique gas cookstove, camper shell. 852-3474
Looking for Deerstand that was lost on the Waiwai and ham Hill. Call 815-0164
For sale large doll house, ab lounger, signed a portrait. Call 827-1360
For sale 6 foot ramps, we weights, 94 cargo van. Call 394-2679
For sale woodstove. Call 909-1915
Looking for 28 inch rim for eight in tractor for sale fifth wheel camper. Call 281-4085
For sale fryer rabbits, lay your hands, turkeys, brown eggs. Call 886-5228
For sale 5 foot cubic chest freezer, for retro chrome chairs. Call 815-4242

Swap Shop For 10/10/16

​For sale World War II 45 caliber holster, padlock collection, hide a bed couch, six string hubcap Manjo. Call 529-3334
Free stuff. 1490 S. Lafayette
For sale furniture fridge washer and dryer sofa and Extra's. Call 202-0436
For sale 10 inch radial arm saw, 16 foot awning. Call 529-2628
For sale toys action figures jackets and pez dispensers. Call 529-9989
For sale leather jacket, Cheesecote. Call 831-0458
For sale 22 foot pontoon boat motor and trailer and he pedestal table in hex picnic table 202-0761 
For sale Remington 700 25-06,16 foot trailer, 05 cavalier. Call 329-2436
For sale model A4 engine. Call 864-1237
For sale 14 inch tires. Call 886-6236
For sale 1066 international, John Deere round Baylor, John Deere square Baylor, 6 foot John Deere brush hog. Call 631-3922
For sale wicker furniture, couch, dress. Call 202-9422
For sale 20 foot fishing boat, 05 Malibu. Call 728-5188
For sale 12 x 8 rug, Toshiba 40 inch TV and stand, picnic table. Call 281-5684
For sale 350 Chevy motor call 202-7044
For sale extra large KC Chiefs jacket, kids jersey. Call 816-550-8380
For sale commercial drillbits, oxygen tank, metal barrels. Call 619-4413
John Dutton