06:17am, 11/26/15
Past Weeks :  
Swap Shop for Wednesday, 11/18/15

Marshall: For sale: Blue little tykes car bed frame; nursing scrubs size large-3X; ladies bras size 38D and 34B; 831-0537

Bosworth: For sale: 2007 Coachman 26-foot camper; 534-7755

Malta Bend: For sale: driver side door for a 2004 Ford F-150; radial arm saw; 10x10 dog pen; 886-0081

Marshall: For sale: 1-man chair blind; double school desk; boat motor; 886-5453

Brunswick: For sale: Viking pool stick; McDermit pool stick; vintage cue stick and case; 414-5453

Cole Camp Junction: For sale: Pendelton 100% wool jacket; Pair of steel wheels from a Ford Crown Victoria; 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix SE; 281-2672

Marshall: For sale: 6-month old minature stud pony; 58 gallon fish aquarium; Black Convict aquarium fish; 631-9935

Marshall: For sale: bag of women's clothes 3X-4X; 3 blu-ray movies; folding table and lawn chairs; 815-0251

Marshall: For sale: black student desk with swivel chair; 4 purses; looking for: gas-powered 90 or 50cc 4-wheeler; 886-0699

Marshall: For sale: collectin of over 100 stamps; misc. tools; 886-9341

Excelsior Springs: Looking for: 21 cubic-foot refrigerator 5-7 years old with ice maker; grandfather clock; (816) 630-8705

Higginsville: For sale: gooseneck cattle trailer; 238-1152

Concordia: For sale: 1947 3/4-ton flat bed truck; 463-8018

Franklin: For sale: single bicycle carrier for truck; 888-3692

Marshall: For sale: 3 black ewes; young hare ram; western books; guinneys; 886-5228

Armstrong: For sale: 21 gallon air compressor with 100 feet of hose; 676-6114

Marcelene: For sale: Breakaway mirror for driver door, gas tank and complete exhaust system for a 1998 Chevy 1500 4x4 pickup

Malta Bend: For sale or trade: kittens; 815-1063

Fayette: For sale: Cub cadet riding mower; Kenmore electric clothes dryer; Schwinn exercise bike; 248-5185
Swap Shop for Tuesday, 11/17/15

Cole Camp: For sale: 23-foot travel trailer; 886-9874

Slater: For sale: Black quilted 2X men's winter coat; Playstation 2 games; Black & Decker hedge trimmer; 529-9989

Marshall: For sale: butcher hog; 631-4620

Slater: For sale: irons; 4 channel amp with speakers; Santa suit and accessories; 1/2 size violin; 529-3334

Marshall: Looking for: rear end for a full-size 98 Chevy pickup; 631-1638

Marshall: Looking for: 4-wheeler or Gator; 631-6135

Chillicothe: For sale: 1998 Ford F-150 XLT; 16-foot Maxima fish & ski boat; 973-1955

Slater: For sale: Honda 4-track 4-wheeler; 202-2186

Sedalia: For sale: 18-foot Procraft pontoon boat/motor/trailer; 827-5185

Nelson: For sale: Bowflex Extreme; 621-2669

Marshall: For sale: Antique round oak pedestal kitchen table; set of Chevy American Racing wheels; 886-8604

Marshall: For sale: 2004 Chevy Classic; misc. furniture; 229-1171

Slater: For sale: Antique oak dresser; antique oak parlor table; Full size plastic tool box for a truck; 529-2587

Slater: For sale: set of doggie stairs; 529-9925

Lexington: Looking for 1990 Nissan 4-wheel-drive pickup; 259-2566

Marshall: Looking for: nice recliner or (preferably) a lift chair; 815-1026

Dewitt: For sale: 4-week-old German Shepherd puppies; 329-0068

Sedalia: Free: full-size box springs; 233-9481

Cole Camp Junction: For sale: 2006 Chevy 1500 truck; looking for: late-model (80-93) Dodge pickup; 281-2672

Marshall: For sale: steel safe; 631-4551

Blackburn: For sale: 1996 24 1/2-foot 5th wheel camper; 229-4683

Marshall Junction: For sale: big bales of hay; farm fresh eggs; treadmill; 335-7037
Swap Shop for Monday, 11/16/15

Norborne: For sale: 1987 plastic 2-man fishing boat/trolling motor; 1999 Kawasaki 4-wheeler; 593-3358

Marshall: For sale: 1972 Dodge Dart; 815-3394

Marshall: To give away: Freestanding Baldwin keyboard; 815-1931

Marshall: Looking for: X-Box 360 console; 202-2360

Hardin: For sale: Everyready 500 gallon residential propane tank; large football card collection broken into 4 smaller boxes; 22 Playstation 3 games; (816) 786-4547

Sweet Springs: For sale: wired surround sound system; looking for: tool box for the back of a Ford Ranger; 202-2809

Marshall: For sale: Duck hunting boat/motor/trailer; 886-3015

Marshall: For sale: Duck decoys; goose windsock decoys; layout blind; 815-0744

Slater: For sale: complete Santa suit; original 1936 Watkins cookbook; pair of heaters: 1 electric quartz, 1 propane; tractor radio; 529-3334

Marshall: For sale: Hotpoint oven; 202-7980

Huntsville: For sale: 2004 Lincoln LS; 95 Chevy pickup; 269-6002

Cole Camp Junction: For sale: 5 lots with shop & barn; 2006 Chevy 1500 pickup; 281-2672

Sedalia: For sale: Huffy blue mountain bike; twin size mattress & box springs set; 38 quart blue & white cooler; 287-0559

Warrensburg: For sale: boy & girl Chihuahua/yorkies; 6-year-old yorkie; free cats; 909-9259

Moberly: For sale: over-the-stove microwave; 651-5059

Marshall: For sale: storage room of misc. items; (816) 556-6374

Marshall: For sale: washing machine; 202-3421
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