Thursday 6th August 2020

The Missouri Department of Transportation says there is some good news as crews were able to reopen both lanes of U.S. Highway 24 and Highway 5 east of Brunswick on Monday, June 10.
A news release says, however a portion U.S. Highway 24 to the west of Brunswick- between Highways 11 and 41- remains closed due to flooding.
Several area roadways remain closed due to flooding, including Highway 41 to Miami and U.S. Highway 65 south of Carrollton to Waverly.
MoDOT is urging everyone to closely monitor conditions in their area, heed all evacuation notices and never enter a water-covered roadway or drive around barricades. Just a few inches of flood waters can force a vehicle off the roadway. In addition, it is not uncommon for roadways and shoulders to be damaged when flooded, creating unsafe conditions for motorists.
Even though you have a planned route, you may come upon water-covered roads. MoDOT’s crews and its partners are monitoring road conditions closely, but flood waters can rise quickly, before its crews and other emergency services are able to place barricades across the roadway. If you come upon a flooded roadway without barricades, MoDOT says do not drive through the water. Pull over to a safe location and call the MoDOT 24-hour Customer Service line at (888) ASK MODOT (275-6636) to report it.
For the most up-to-date information on this flooding event, visit the Traveler Information Map at