Sandy Hisle, representing the Marshall Cultural Council, was at the city council meeting on Monday, December 2, and said the cultural council has a plan to utilize an open lot just off the square.

Hisle explained the idea to create what is called a “Pocket Park” in a vacant lot along North Street.

Hisle said a “Pocket Park” is a gathering place meant for the whole community to use- to eat your lunch; or maybe to hear music on the weekends. She said the cultural council would like to move some of its events up there, including concerts and World Fest.

Hisle then explained a possible “Beautification Project” for the square.

Hisle said the money would be raised through grants and donations. She says they already have a $5,000 grant; the Cultural Council has wood to build a stage; “and we have volunteer labor to do a lot of the work.” She says the cultural council also is working with business owners to paint murals on their buildings.

The council did not make a decision and could hear about the proposal again at a future meeting.