Sunday 9th August 2020

Mike Hall, with McClure Engineering, was present at the meeting of the Sweet Springs Board of Aldermen on Monday, February 10, and gave aldermen an update on the lagoon project.
According to meeting minutes, Hall said the city will purchase and install a mag meter to save money. He said the mag meter measures the outflow of the lagoon, which Public Works Superintendent Nate Lea needs for different reports.
Hall said requested the board extend the contract from January 23 to January 31 for substantial completion- with total completion on March 31, 2020, including a one-year warranty. That request was approved by aldermen.
Hall also said the project would have approximately $80,000 left in loan amount for sludge removal. Alderman Boyd Jones asked how much money the city had put back for sludge removal? City Clerk Michelle Fuehring said the city has roughly $100,000 for sludge removal. Hall said that both he and SMI-Co were looking into different companies to remove the sludge, and there is a company locally that could possibly do it for less money. He said the city needs to remove as much of the sludge as possible. Aldermen voted to approve spending $170,000 on sludge removal, with a completion date of April 30, 2020.
In other news, aldermen also approved the appointments of Lee Nienhueser, Kris Raven, Nancy McKeage, Darla Reid and Allison Schowengerdt to the Transient Guest Tax Committee.