An area city’s municipal court will be closed to the public for the time being.

A release from the Marshall Police Department says: whereas the Missouri Supreme Court has directed its courts to “consider strategies to prevent the spread of respiratory germs into, within and between facilities,” it is hereby ordered, effective Wednesday, March 25, 2020, and until further order of this court, that Marshall Municipal Court is closed to the public.

If you believe you are scheduled for a personal appearance or are required to make a payment and have come for that purpose, you should proceed as follows:
1. If you need to make a payment: Pay by phone at: (660) 886-3665; Pay online at:; Pay by mail at Marshall Municipal Court, 5 E. Eastwood, Marshall, MO 65340;

2. If you are represented by an attorney, contact your attorney;

3. If you are a defendant or an attorney scheduled to appear in court, contact the clerk at (660) 886-3665 or view the court’s website at;

4. If you need information about the status of your case, contact the clerk’s Office at (660) 886-3665;

5. For Marshall Municipal Prosecuting Attorney matters, contact the Prosecuting Attorney at (816) 708-0333; or

6. For Marshall Police matters, call the main line at (660) 886-7411.

These restrictions will remain in place temporarily until it is determined to be safe to remove them. If you have any questions as to this Administrative Order, contact Sonya Pitts, the Clerk of the Court, at (660) 886-3665.

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