Wednesday 19th January 2022

For sale: Wicker hamper; mens Underarmor hoodie; set of four Wild Country SUV tires size 235/75/R15; (660) 831-0537

New 32″ TV, still in box; (660) 631-5829

For sale: Adult tricycle; (660) 202-1679

For sale: Cream color winter coat size XL; bag of green tomatoes; (660) 886-7117

For sale: Talking Yoda; AM/FM clock radio; power cord for a dryer; (660) 529-9989

For sale: 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan; looking for: pocket watch fob; (660) 829-5356

For sale: Cookbooks; Harley Davidson caps; 4 sets of saw horses; (660) 529-3334

For sale: Two Michelin 235/75/R16 tires; (660) 221-5086

Looking for: pair of binoculars; (660) 815-3045

For sale: Two Lion Head rabbits; rabbit and bird cages; (660) 631-9935

For sale: 18″ after-market wheels for a 2015 Malibu; Looking for: camper shell that fits a 5 1/2′ truck bed; (660) 619-0347

For sale: Two pairs of steel toe boots size 11; (660) 886-0586

For sale: Two Kansas City Chiefs jackets, one size 2XL the other size medium; (660) 202-9067

For sale: Small decorative Christmas sleigh; decorative snowman; wall mirror; (660) 338-2963

Looking for: Rottweiler pup; looking for: broke riding horse; (660) 281-6201

Looking for: Mud tires; (660) 998-9719

Looking for: Late 50s/early 60s 2-door sedan car; (660) 346-0606

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