Monday 15th July 2024


The Mississippi Department of Public Safety said that two Mississippi police officers were shot and one died Thursday during a standoff that started as a hostage situation in a home.

According to The Associated Press, an unnamed person was holding a second unidentified person hostage inside a home in Brandon, a suburb of Jackson, Mississippi’s capital city. The hostage situation reportedly began as a domestic dispute between a woman and man, and Police Chief Wayne Dearman said they first received a call of the situation at around 1:45 a.m. local time.

Several law enforcement agencies responded during the eight-hour standoff, and after talking for more than an hour with the suspect, the department’s SWAT team got into the house and rescued the hostage. The officer killed was from the police department in Madison. The injured officer is from the Brandon Police Department. State police spokesperson Bailey Martin said in a statement that the suspect also was shot and killed at the home. It was not immediately clear whether police shot and killed the suspect, or the person killed himself.

The Department of Public Safety did not immediately release the names of the officers or the suspect. .

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