Advertise On KMMO

pete black and whiteThanks for your interest in advertising with KMMO. We would love to help you boost your business. If you are on the fence about the benefits of radio advertising, please consider the following information then contact Pete Hollabaugh, General Manager, at KMMO.

People come and go everyday, which means that there are new customers for you to reach constantly. Lifestyles are changing. Shoppers who wouldn’t have considered your business last year may be prime customers now.
Your customers may not be as loyal as they once were and they are postponing buying decisions, taking time to compare price, quality, and service. By advertising continuously, you keep your store in your customers’ minds and increase the probability that they will stay loyal and choose you when they finally buy.

Keep up with your competition. There are only so many customers and your competition would love to steal some of yours. If potential new customers don’t know about you, they can’t buy from you. By advertising, you keep your name in the listeners mind. Plus, long-term advertising has been proven to increase sales and generate traffic. The more people you have in your store, the more potential sales you have.

Advertising that is vigorous and positive brings you customers. Plus, advertising helps your business keep a positive and healthy image with new and existing customers. Your customers want to feel secure; advertising helps give them that security.

So reach those new customers, stay in the minds of your past customers, don’t get lost in the crowd, and keep your business thriving. Advertise with KMMO, the ideal way to send an invitation to your customers.