11:37am, 09/02/14
Swap Shop
Swap Shop 9:25 to 10 AM Mon. through Sat. Call 660-886-5666.

Swap Shop Rules

Wanted items or items for sale listed for free on KMMO. 
No Garage or rummage sales on Swap Shop. We have the Rummage Sale Round-up for that.
No hand guns.
If it is your primary source of income, please don't advertise it on the Swap Shop.
You may list only ONE phone number or one address on the Swap Shop.

If you have a question as to what can go on the Swap Shop please ask the person answering the phone if your item can be advertised on Swap Shop, they will be happy to help you.

To participate, call 886-5666 or 1-800-727-5666 Monday through Saturday between 9:20 and 10 AM.

Swap Shop For Monday 9/2/14

For Sale Jazzy Electric Skooter & Hauler. Call 886-5433

For Sale Twin Sz Mattress, 4x3 Wood Ent Center,Ice Creme Parlor Table & Chairs.Call 287-5605

For Sale Jazzy Scooter, Desk Top Computer, Angel Collection. Call 886-9322

For Sale Mirrors For 2014 Silverado, Tow Mirror. Call 815-4799

For Sale Whirlpool Washer, GE Dryer, Toro 21" Self Prop Mower. Call 631-7070

Looking For A Cheap Car. Call 886-7769

Looking For Motorcycle Mufflers. Call 221-2865

For Sale Maytag Washer & Electric Dryer. Call 338-2422

For Sale '93 Chevy Pick Up,Sunbeam Dehydrator, Fridge Call 202-9508

For Sale Les Paul Electric Guitar & Amp. Call 573-525-1655

For Sale Squash. Call 529-3672

For Sale House & Acreage, 73" Mitsubishi TV, Cabinet Of Beanie Babies. Call 631-0449

For Sale GE Deep Freeze 18v Cordless Drill Call 229-0249

For Sale 48" Round Oak Table.Call 846-4961

For Sale 500 Western Books, Preditor Call , Jack In Box Decoy. Call 542-4973

For Sale 50'-60' Galvonized TV Tower. Call 888-9406

For Sale KC Royals Jerseys. Call 909-4509

For Sale Older  Pontoon Boat, Trailer & Motor.3 Tier Wire Cage Call 909-9755

 For Sale Khaki Colered Loveseat & Couch Call 886-3525

Looking For Fire Barrels. Call 886-7523

For Sale 2 Chainsaws.Call 826-5853

For Sale '03 Ford Tarus, Mechanics Tool Cabinet w Tools. Call 529-3657

For Sale '91 Ranger 4x4,'90 Ford F150. Call 287-5668

Looking For Rowing Machine. Call 202-0338

For Sale Saber Saw, Circular Saw, Grayco Stroller. Call 202-3946