09:26pm, 10/06/15
Swap Shop
Swap Shop 9:25 to 10 AM Mon. through Sat. Call 660-886-5666.

Swap Shop Rules

Wanted items or items for sale listed for free on KMMO. 
No Garage or rummage sales on Swap Shop. We have the Rummage Sale Round-up for that.
No hand guns.
If it is your primary source of income, please don't advertise it on the Swap Shop.
You may list only ONE phone number or one address on the Swap Shop.

If you have a question as to what can go on the Swap Shop please ask the person answering the phone if your item can be advertised on Swap Shop, they will be happy to help you.

To participate, call 886-5666 or 1-800-727-5666 Monday through Saturday between 9:20 and 10 AM.

Swap Shop for Tuesday, 10/6/15

Marshall: For sale: Matis tiller/cultivator; looking for: lawn cart; 815-4728

Slater: For sale: 3 Playstation-2 games; pair of size 14 cowboy boots; 529-9989

Sedalia: For sale: 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix; 281-0238

Lincoln: For sale: 2 LP propane gas stoves; rock hauling jeep; 287-2199

Miami: Looking for: 1100 Remington 20 gage semi-automatic shotgun; 852-3271

Slater: For sale: 2 black powder guns; wood stove; building material; 631-3698

Marshall: For sale: chest-type deep freezer; 229-9188

Marshall: Looking for used playstation-2 machine and controllers; 202-2360

Sweet Springs: For sale: 4-100 pound propane cylender; payloader scoop; 2002 Ford Taurus for parts; 335-2223

Marshall: For sale: western saddle; large antique storage cupboard; looking for: small red waggon; looking for: combo VHS/DVD recorder; 631-2056

Slater: For sale: Baha spa; 16/17/18 inch tires and mag wheels for a Chevy pickup; 529-3628

Carrollton: Looking for: 7x9 white garage door that rolls up; For sale: 59 Chevy grain truck; Tappan gas cookstove; pot belly stove; 542-0299

Waverly: Looking for: lab puppy; 238-3413

Lexington: Looking for a canary; 232-0734

Slater: For sale: window for storm door; 529-3332

Waverly: For sale: 99 Chevy Blazer 4-wheel-drive; Remington 721 Rifle and scope; other deer rifles; 329-2436

Cole Camp Junction: For sale: Trailer house on 2 lots; 281-2672

Marshall Junction: For sale: 40 horsepower Evenrude boat motor; Computer desk; 281-4085

Tula: For sale: 1953 Farmall Super-C tractor; 639-2727

Swap Shop For 10/5/15

For Sale Honda 360 Custom. Call 815-3857

For Sale Fridge. Call 631-5613

For Sale Cultivator/Tiller,LF Lawn Cart. Call 815-4728

For Sale Sea King Trolling Motor. Call 654-1244

For Sale '04 Ford F250. Call 202-2964

For Sale Tanning Bed, Top For Playcraft Pontoon, 2 Finishing Mowers. call 841-5623

For Sale Bird Aviary, Digital Camera, Sony 21" TV, Garden Storage Container. Call 441-1280

For Sale Electric Chainsaw, Curio Cabinet. Call 886-3015

For Sale New Marlin 30/30 w Scope. Call 973-1955

Looking For Winchester 1100 20 Ga. Call 852-3271

Looking For Outside Forced Air Wood Stove. Call 537-4189

For Sale Couch, Chair w/ Ottoman, Rainbow Sweeper, Avon Bottles, Gas Cookstove. Call 542-8299

For Sale '01 Mercury Grand Marquis. Call 734-4303

For Sale Blue Tick Beagle Books, 3 Black Geese, Turkeys. Call 886-5228

For Sale Cockatiels, 2 Chihuahuas, Rabbit & Bird Cages,LF Tiller. Call 417-366-9606

For Sale Hay Wagon Frames, 2 Trailers, 2 LG Metal Containers. Call 815-4447

For Sale Gas Cook Stove. Call 641-2528

For Sale '03 Pontiac Grand Prix, Mobile Home and LAnd. Call 281-2672

For Sale 800 Ford Tractor. Call 221-3096

Looking For German Shepherd. Call 537-0692

For Sale'98 Honda Pacific Coast Motorcycle. Call 414-5518

Swap Shop 10/3

For sale a tire, gas stove, dresser- 229-3469

For sale a Kirby vaccum- 831-0676

For sale a pump, Wingmaster- 973-1955

For sale a dolly for a Jeep- 542-2197

For sale a boat and trailer- 815-0219

For sale propane tanks, shed, fence, panels- 833-8227

Wants somebody that work on handicap scooters, has a tire- 394-2679

For sale a stove, toolboxes, carpet stretcher- 631-5938

For sale a mobile home, lots, 03 Grand Prix- 281-2672

For sale a combine- 631-3528

For sale parts for 91 Camry- 376-2511

For sale a trailer, wants boards and posts- 909-2237

For sale a tractor- 221-3096

For sale a fuel pump, wants a tiller- 619-7666

For sale jean jackets and coats, men's jeans, VCR tapes- 202-2839

Wants a large dog- 537-0692

For sale wester saddle, misc items- 631-2056

Swap Shop For 10/2/15

r Sale Recliner, Small Desk & Chair.Call 202-7095

Looking for Dishwasher & Electric Dryer. Call 346-7446

For Sale' 98 Ford F150 XL. Call 573-864-7439

For Sale Baby Shoes,Baby Items. Call 631-9448

For Sale Roaster Pan, Womens Jeans, Root Beer Mug. Call 815-0251

Looking For Gas Heater. Call 815-5754

For Sale 61 Rolls Of Insulation. Call 229-9188

For Sale Remington Bolt Action Rifle. Call 815-7422

For Sale Parrot & Cage. Call 668-2053

For Sale Camper Shell, Siamese Kitten,MinPin Call 347-5580

For Sale $wheeler Wheels, Pole Saw. Call 542-2038

For Sale Barn Wagon Wheels, Double Barrel 12ga Shotgun,Flintlock 45 Cal, 2 axes, Building Material. Call 631-3698

For Sale 3 Wheel Bikes,2-17" GTX Tires, Lawnboy Self Propelled Mower. Call 542-1070

For Sale 2 Ducks, Male Dog. Call 281-0238

For Sale Ford Explorer 3rd Tail Light

Swap Shop For 10/1/15

For Sale Bike Back rest, Dodge Caravan Muffler, Baby Boy Clothing, Nursing Scrubs. Call 831-0537

Looking For Day Bed FS Ladies Leather Jacket. Call 815-4375

For Sale Mathews Compound Bow. Call 631-0174

For Sale 2 Cockatiels, Chihuahuas, Shihtzu Puppies, Rabbit & Bird Cages. Call 417-366-9606

Free Hostas. Call 886-8086

For Sale Poulan Pro Weedeater, 2 Cycle Cultivator. Call 815-4728

Looking For German Shepherd or Border Collie. Call 537-0692

For Sale 17" Tire, Computer Desk, LF 4x4 Truck. Call 281-4085

For Sale EZ Go Golfcart, 2 Man Boat. Call 529-9966

For Sale Ford F150 Fuel Pump. Call 851-2839

For Sale 3pc Bedroom Suite. Call 335-6872

For Sale '00 Ford Explorer For PArts, Dining Table & Chairs, Fridge. Call 202-9339

For Sale Wood Stove, Building MAterial, Game Camera. Call 631-3698

For Sale Lg Metal Cabinets, 2 Cedar Chests, 2br Home @ Lake Ozark. Call 785-241-3316

For Sale 3bed 2 Bath Mobile Home, Free dog, 16" wheels. Call 281-2672

For Sale Baby Strollers, Pillow PAds, Med Wood Table. Call 886-0694

Swap Shop for Wednesday 9/30/5

Marshall; For sale: Large variety and sizes of steel traps; 886-2911

Marshall: For sale: Kirby vaccuum; 831-0676

Concordia: Looking for: small 4 wheel drive pickup; 463-2943

Marshall: For sale: 5 tires size p225/R60/16; natural gas cooking stove; 815-1619

Keytesville: For sale: Calves, steers, bulls and heifers; 30 gallon homemade woodstove; 48-inch adjustable basketball goal; (573) 248-6464

Sedalia: For sale: 2700 psi gas powered pressure washer; 800 Ford tractor; 2002 GMC Sierra pickup; 221-3096

Marshall: For sale: set of 14-inch 5 bolt wheels; 815-3394

Marshall: For sale: Large fiberglass tank; 202-2560

Slater: For sale: tool box on wheels; Skil saw; leaf blower; 815-0228 after 2PM

Sedalia: For sale: Wagner electric paint sprayer; Genie 25-foot electric lift; 2 air compressors; air tank; 221-4190

Slater: For sale: pair of professional microphones; pocket knife collection; 3 wash tubs; 529-3334

Sedalia: For sale: Saturn car; 93 Olds Cutlass Sierra car; Looking for: parts for a Ford expedition; outside wood stove; 619-3658

Glasgow: For sale: Ladder tree stand; bed extender for a 2001-2005 Ford Sport Track; 338-2119

Marshall: Looking for a Rainbow sweeper; 631-4581

Sedalia: For sale: fuel pump for a Ford F150; front grill for a 1979 Chevy 350; 6 1/2 foot pool ladder; 619-7666

Sweet Springs: For sale: 3 piece bedroom suite; 335-6872

Swap Shop 9/18/15

Looking for a 4-wheeler- 631-5570

For sale: solid oak desk and chair, china cabinet, furniture- 886-3053

For sale: book shelves and desk, high chair, vhina cabinet- 886-3163

For sale: vaccum, wants cellphone donations- 831-0676

For sale: mint plates, Coke glasses, bike- 414-6380

For sale: tickets for the Mizzou game on Saturday- 676-6636

For sale: baby items- 913-284-4919

Looking for a gas stove- 815-3765

For sale: power chair- 728-0283

For sale: 94 Lincoln, boat motor, tire, wants a 4 wheeler- 281-4085

Looking for cattle bug- 631-2793

For sale: yard ornaments, pitch shovel, flower bed- 676-3850

For sale: 99 Dodge Durango, 98 Saturn- 619-3658

For sale: dress rabbits, western books, assorted animals- 886-5228

For sale: antique desk, 90 Corvette- 248-2053

For sale: digital camera, antenna box, older TV, storage container- 441-1280

Swap Shop 9/15

For Sale: Baseball cards, comic books- 202-3771

Looking For: Cat enclosure for the outside- 909-1833

Looking For: Round oak pedestal table- 886-8604

For Sale: Washer and dryer- 815-1046

For Sale: Fridge, stove, AC, table and chairs, end table- 886-8069

For Sale: Nintendo and PS1- 229-1336

For Sale: 93 Ford Ranger- 565-2461

For Sale: Bedliner- 973-3099

For Sale: German Shepard puppies- 229-1631

For Sale: Vaccum cleaner- 831-0676

For Sale: Toneau cover- 248-1223

For Sale: Ski boat, 2 shotguns- 973-1955

For Sale: Rabbits, truck, ball, western books- 886-5228

For Sale: Old waggon wheels- 229-0315

For Sale: 99 Chevy truck- 221-3096

For Sale: Hutch, microwave cart- 816-699-9032

For Sale: Branson tickets, cattle panels- 909-1480

For Sale: 9 Acres in Benton County, pontoon boat- 631-3698
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