11:37am, 01/31/15
Swap Shop
Swap Shop 9:25 to 10 AM Mon. through Sat. Call 660-886-5666.

Swap Shop Rules

Wanted items or items for sale listed for free on KMMO. 
No Garage or rummage sales on Swap Shop. We have the Rummage Sale Round-up for that.
No hand guns.
If it is your primary source of income, please don't advertise it on the Swap Shop.
You may list only ONE phone number or one address on the Swap Shop.

If you have a question as to what can go on the Swap Shop please ask the person answering the phone if your item can be advertised on Swap Shop, they will be happy to help you.

To participate, call 886-5666 or 1-800-727-5666 Monday through Saturday between 9:20 and 10 AM.

Swap Shop for Saturday, 1/31/2015

Looking for: Pair of 245/75/16 pickup tires; Marshall: 886-9780

For sale: 7 drawer dresser; Oak rocking chair; Glasgow: 338-2963

For sale: 1985 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup; Chillicothe: 973-1955

Looking for: tickets to tonight's Whitetail event; Marshall: 202-3162

Looking for: silver charms that you put pictures into; Marshall: 886-6236

For sale: Full size Simmons Beautyrest mattress; 5x7 area rugs; 2 rings, size 7 and 5 1/2; Sedalia: 287-3406

For sale: 2000 Chevy Silverado pickup; Blackwater: 815-2207

For sale: Bulldog hood ornament; miscellaneous railroad items; Spanish guitar; 2 metal file cabinets; Slater: 529-3334

Looking for: electric handicap scooter; Marshall: 886-8015

For sale: 1987 2-wheel-drive shortbed Chevy truck; Marshall: 815-5808

Looking for: medium size dog or puppy; Slater: 529-3541

For sale: 2002 Ford F150 pickup; Marshall: 831-0345

Looking for: person on swap shop that had stereo with turntable for sale; Marshall: 831-1109

For sale: 650 Eldebrock 4 barrell carberator; 3-in-1 sleigh-style baby crib; looking for: vaccuum food saver; Concordia: (205) 396-8791

For sale: Murray riding mower; Marshall: 886-6668

For sale: electric fireplace; 441-1280

For sale: 2000 GMC 4-wheel-drive pickup; John Deere GT275 riding mower; Sedalia: 221-2360

For sale: 20 gage automatic shotgun; knife collection; 03 Ford Explorer; Marshall: 886-3015

For Sale: Fryer rabbits; layer hens; brown eggs; western books; Marshall: 886-5228

Looking for: 1986 Caprice Classic Coupe; looking for: lemon/vinyl/chrome kitchen chairs; Marshall: 886-8604

For sale: Sears Kenmore under counter dishwasher; queen size bed frame; electric mobility chair; Marshall: 886-7035

For sale: wooden spoke 1928 Chrysler wheels; 69 Chevy cab & chassis; 1991 Valley Sport Camaro Sport for parts; Slater: 529-2587

For sale: 2001 Chevy 3/4 ton truck; Arrow Rock: 631-3528

For sale: large 7-foot payloader bucket; metal barrells; hydraulic wench; set of 3/4 ton Chevy aluminum wheels; Sweet Springs: 335-4429

For sale: built-in double oven; under-the-counter microwave; Carrollton: 542-4192

Swap Shop for Friday, 1/30/15

For sale: Back and door windows for a 1976 Chevy pickup; Heavy-duty weight bench; 3 14-inch Oldsmobile Cutlass rims; Marshall: 202-3583

For sale: 1994 Lincoln Town Car; Marshall: 815-1153

Looking for: the person who was looking for Magic Crochet books a few weeks ago on Swap Shop; Marshall: 619-4276

For sale: 2014 crew cab 4x4 pickup "everything included"; Meadville: 973-6294

For sale: mounted 2 bottom plow; 2-row cultivator; Miami: 202-0761

For sale: 2 bedroom home in the Versailles area; Sedalia: 473-4642

Looking for: 6-foot rotary hoe; Sedalia: 287-7020

For sale: 6-foot flatbed trailer; Fayette: 553-1008

Looking for: upright freezer; Sedalia: 281-6467

Looking for: Blu-ray player; Marshall: 219-1036

For rent: 1 bedroom mobile home in the Huntsville area; Lookuing for: starter for a Kohler lawn mower; Looking for: batteries for cordless drills; For sale: 1930s-era marbles; Huntsville: 269-6002

For sale: set of 4-foot pallet forks; hydraulic wench; large 7-foot payloader bucket; metal barrells; Sweet Springs: 335-4429

Looking for: movie "Hereafter"; looking for: a Boxer dog that went missing in the Nelson area, goes by the name "Leno". 376-2511

Looking for: computer with Microsoft Word; looking for: older solid wood garage doors; looking for: large igloo-style dog house; Marcelene: 376-2511.

For sale: 3 pt. bale fork; Concordia: (816) 456-4120

For sale: 6-foot finising morwer; Cole Camp: 221-6319

For sale: Fryer rabbits; layer hens; brown eggs; Marshall: 886-5228

Looking for: Ninetndo wii games; Brunswick: 548-3084

Swap Shop

For Sale Rocking Horse, Nursing Scrubs, Bras Various Sizes. Call 202-3046

For Sale Murray Riding Mower. Call 886-6668

For Sale Goosneck Hitch For Ford. Call 641-4372

For Sale Mini Horse, Mini Australian Shepherd Puppy. Call 631-1265

For Sale 19" TV, Meat Cutter, Pocket Knives. Call 886-5840

For Sale '88 Jeep Cherokee 4x4,15' VBottom Boat,Motor & Trailer,'68 Bucket Truck,59 Intl Truck. Call 886-2176

Looking For Fridge , Grandfather Clock, Desktop PC. Call 816-630-8705

For Sale  Fiberglass Bed Cover For Chevy Pick Up. Call 676-2437

For Sale '98 Dodge Ram Van. Call 815-7147

Looking For Direct TV Satellite. Call 631-2138

For Sale Feax Fur Coat, Baby Clothing. Call 815-4375

Looking For Chickens. Call 232-0734

For Sale Cast Iron Skillets. Call 785-285-8278

For Sale Batman Figures, VHS Tapes. Call 529-9989

Looking For Coil Top Stove. Call 641-2857

For Sale Winchester Model 12 Rifle,Kelter 22mag. Call 223-0103

For Sale Starwars Cards, 13 Oldetime Postcards, Leftover Yard Sale Items. Call 529-3334

Looking For 16" Snow Tires, Fridge, Maytag Dryer, 225/160/16 Tires. Call 248-5185

Swap Shop

For Sale Bearing Sockets. Call 322-0706

For Sale '01 Pontiac Bonneville. Call 322--2381

For Sale Older TV, 2br Home In Edwards, Home Interior Pics. Call 785-241-3316

For Sale Oak Gun Cabinet. Call 548-3293

Looking For A Dog. Call 202-9853

Looking For Car Trailer. Call 238-3413

For Sale '08 GMC 3/4 Ton Pick Up. Call 641-2363

Looking For Spanish Royal Black Turkey. Call 882-2874

Looking For Ant Doorknobs,'68 MO Plates. Call 631-9036

For Sale Browning 12ga Automatic.Call 815-0275

Looking For Computer For '94 Ford 350 FS   '98 Chevy Minivan. Call 888-3692

For Sale 8mo Female Chihuahua. Call 438-2362

Looking For Grandfather Clock, Desktop PC,Fridge. Call 816-630-8705

For Sale Bluray {layer. Call 229-1036

For Sale Wrenches. Call 338-2613

For Sale Pure Bred Golden Retreiver. Call 537-2990

Looking For  '56 Chevy Caprice, Chrome/Vinyl Kitchen Chairs. Call 886-8604

Swap Shop for Tuesday, 1/27/15

For Sale: Antique TV; Sewing box; metal conduit; Marshall: 815-4245

For sale: 1995 Ford 4WD pickup; 4foot by 7 1/2 foot flatbed trailer; ATV lawn mower hydraulic lift; Sedalia: 287-3509

For sale: Dresser; 27 inch TV; dinette set; Marshall: 202-3499

For sale: deep fish fryer; cast iron round pan; Slater: (785) 285-8278

Ford 2N tractor; single car carport; Marshall: 815-3480

Looking for: person who had parts for a pressure washer about a year ago on swap shop, or someone who has a pressure washer for sale; Smithton: 619-3658

Looking for: small Mantis tiller; Marshall: 815-0418

For sale: box of VCR tapes; Slater: 529-9989

For sale: 2000 GMC Z71 pickup; John Deere GT275 riding mower; Sedalia: 221-2360

Looking for: exhaust manifold for an 1983 Ford Ranger 2.0 cylinder; Marshall: 202-9443

For sale: iPhone and Blackberry devices on the T-Mobile network; Knob Noster: 238-2566

Looking for: 2 truck tires size 245/75/16. Marshall: 886-9780

For sale: Satteline gages, torches, hoses, bottles and other accessories; Marshall: 886-7551

Looking for: a greenhouse; Clarence: 676-6847

For sale: small handheld grinder; 2 handmade wooden chests; Marshall: 202-2100

For sale: your choice of 2 John Deere lawn mowers, either a GT245 or a Z445; Alma: 641-2479

For sale: 1958 John Deere 620 tractor; 1500 small square bales; 50 large round bales; Fayette: 888-3453

For sale: magic bullet smoothie blender; Marshall: 886-6187

For sale: Remington 1100 12 gage shotgun; Marshall: 815-0275

For sale: 2 bedroom house in Edwards, Missouri at the Lake of the Ozarks; Marshall: (785) 241-3316

For sale: built-in white double oven; GE under-the-counter microwave oven; Carrollton: 542-4192

Looking for: someone knowledgable about rocks; Marshall: 886-9583

For sale: 7000 1223 planter; Sumner: 998-9719

Swap Shop 1/26

Simmons mattresses, 5x7 area rug, rings - 287-3406

rear hitch,  puzzles, dresses- 831-0537

desk, dishes, jewelery, clothing- 525-8289

electric wheel chair- 288-1946

wants older female Basset Hound or Spaniel, wants electric wheelchair carrier- 573-377-4054

Louisville ladder, T-Mobile smart phones, laptops- 816-786-4547

3 in 1 toddler bed, shotgun, giant freezer- 205-396-8791

can opener, border kit, books, jeans- 833-9646

DVD players, dinette set, kitchen chairs- 886-1558

wants weekend housekeeper- 831-0676

wants begining piano book- 281-0894

lid tubs, cookier jar, wants 04 F150- 281-2672

fridge, range- 202-0142

cockateels- 281-7825

large pictures, Star Wars card collection, cookbooks- 529-3334

65 Ford Mustangs, wants stereo, 07 Streetbob- 229-4683

fryer rabbits, western books- 886-5228

wedding gown- 202-9585

mobile home for rent, wants cordless drill- 269-6002

Swap Shop 1/10

Mattress, tire and wheel, wants modern bed- 287-5605

Queen headboard and frame, boxsprings, full size bed- 631-4830

Broken dishwasher- 815-0164

Firewood- 631-9347

Tanning bed, microwave, couch and loveseat- 815-7934

Dresser, rocking chair- 338-2963

Office desk, dishes, jewlery, clothing- 525-8286

Wants tires and non-black shingles, has parts off a Ford motor- 376-2511

Wii game system and games- 886-8086

House by the lake, wedding dress- 785-241-3316

Trimmer- 815-4285

Antique cookie jar, 97 Escort- 281-2672

Wants 86 Chevy Capri parts, kitchen chair- 886-8604

Dryer, tires- 815-3480

House on Hwy E- 827-4185

Firewood- 631-3670

7ft bucket, winch, metal barrells- 335-4429

Tires- 202-0338

Kid's rocker, electric mixer- 815-3367

Adjustable ladder rack- 221-4179