07:51am, 07/05/15
Swap Shop
Swap Shop 9:25 to 10 AM Mon. through Sat. Call 660-886-5666.

Swap Shop Rules

Wanted items or items for sale listed for free on KMMO. 
No Garage or rummage sales on Swap Shop. We have the Rummage Sale Round-up for that.
No hand guns.
If it is your primary source of income, please don't advertise it on the Swap Shop.
You may list only ONE phone number or one address on the Swap Shop.

If you have a question as to what can go on the Swap Shop please ask the person answering the phone if your item can be advertised on Swap Shop, they will be happy to help you.

To participate, call 886-5666 or 1-800-727-5666 Monday through Saturday between 9:20 and 10 AM.

Swap Shop for Saturday, 7/4/15

Glasgow: For sale: Solid oak rocking chair; 338-2963

Marshall: For sale: 3 wooden boxes with removable lids; walk behind cultivator; 202-2100

Chillicothe: For sale: 16 foot Bayliner bass boat; 973-1955

Marshall: Certificate to Sterret Creek Marina; 815-0164

Slater: For sale: Statue of Liberty pocket knife; misc. tools; misc. music instruments; looking for: flat screen TV with outside antenna; 529-3334

Marshall: For sale: Guinneys; Turkeys; Fryer rabbits; hens; 886-5228

Malta Bend: For sale: 2001 Dodge 4x4; 886-0081

Slater: For sale: 8000 BTU 110 air conditioner; 1-ton certral air unit; 2 220 air conditioners; 631-8564

Emma: For sale: pure bred lab puppies; 9009-2255

Marshall; For sale: 4-year-old Pamimino stallion; 12 Budweiser Christmas steins; goats; 631-9935

Marshall: For sale: Antique solid oak round table; Looking for: yellow vinyl and chrome kitchen chairs; 886-8604

Marshall: For sale: 1995 Dodge Neon; 631-4578

Waverly: For sale: collection of .22 rifles; 110 air conditioner; 220 air conditioner; boat/motor/trailer; 329-2436

Fayette: For sale: Cub Cadet 3225 riding mower; collapsable wire cage; 110 air conditioner; Maytag clothes dryer; 248-5185

Sedalia: For sale: 5000 BTU window air conditioner; coins; 826-1297

Marshall: For sale: 2 large white metal cabinets; House at the Lake of the Ozarks; wedding dress size 7; (785) 241-3316

Sedalia: For sale: 2005 Chevy Monte Carlo; 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis; 221-3096

Slater: Free sand; 529-3317

Carrollton: For sale: baby ducks; Black 80x70 toneau cover; Stihl weed eater; Poulan Pro leaf blower; 522-0299

concordia: Looking for: tickets on shows and lodging in Branson; 909-1480

Slater: For sale: Battery operated t-rex dinausar toy; Pirates of the Carribbean Playstation 2 game; 529-9989

Swap Shop For 7/3/15

For Sale '95 Grand Prix, Mid 805 454 Engine. Call 565-2634

For Sale '01 Dodge 1500. Call 473-0500

For Sale Spalding Tennis Raquets 43" TV. Call 259-3446

For Sale Electric Stove. Call 221-5373

For Sale '05 Monte Carlo, '06 Mercury Grand Marquis. Call 221-3096

For Sale 360 Motor. Call 202-0142

Looking For Upright Bass. Call 816-560-8854

For Sale Igloo Doghouse. Call 631-4938

For Sale '01 Bonneville Taillights, Craftsman Tiller, '51 M Farmall Tractor. Call 322-2381

For Sale 460 Motor, '76 Ford F350 Front End. Call 816-699-7449

For Sale '67 Chevy Truck, 1928 Cars,'88 Corvette. Call 529-2587

For Sale 5 Lots In Benton Co, LF Truck. Call 281-2672

For Sale 17" Tires, Set Of Hubcaps, Hydraulic Dump Bed System, LF '58 Pontiac Bonneville. Call 619-3064

For Sale '98 Mark 8, '98 Malibu, Horse drawn Mower, Custom Car Trailer. Call 281-4085

For Sale Kenmore Propans Stove. Call 815-1063

Swap Shop 7/2/15

For Sale Therapy Unit. Call 631-2668

For Sale Twin Mattress, Camper Shell, Iphone 5c. Call 429-9679

For Sale '89 Caprice Classic. Call 882-2024

For Sale Stove, Baby Bed. Call 631-9428

For Sale Stihl Weed Eater, Car Dolly, Poulan Pro Leaf Blower, Baby Ducks. Call 542-0299

Looking For Bird Cage. Call 631-6977

For Sale 5 Lots In benton Co. Call 281-2672

For Sale Curio Cabinet, Table Saw. Call 886-3015

For Sale 30' Jayco Travel Trailer. Call 329-2074

For Sale Cub Cadet Mower, 110 AC, Wire Gage, Maytag Dryer. Call 248-5185

For Sale Mud Flaps, 2 Saddles. Call 620-0781

For Sale Ant. Round Oak Table, LF Vinyl Chairs. Call 886-8604

For Sale 22' Stock Tariler. Call 931-249-0087

For Sale 90-CDs. Call 886-6236

For Sale 6x8 All Metal Trailer. Call 864-7712

For Sale Walls For Shed. Call 202-0697

Swap Shop 7/1

Washing machine and dryer- 631-7910

Tires and wheels, AC-202-9852

Wants cheap SUV or truck- 229-0497

5 Lots- 651-5059

98 Ranger, 03 5th wheel trailer, jukebox- 620-9111

Pocket knife, makeup case, wants fuse box- 529-3334

Wants front axel for JD riding mower- 463-8018

Rifle, Power Wheels 4 wheeler, chainsaw- 542-2038

Wants privacy fence, wants oak coffee table- 815-7202

Rueger 1022, squirrel door- 202-9076

5hp engine, 2 acres, cemetary plot- 631-4285

Guineys, turkets, hens, rabbits- 886-5228

Power tools- 229-2150

Tractor, corn picker, 79 Ford truck- 573-674-3601

Wants 20 cubic foot fridge, wants grandfather clock- 816-630-8705

Dining table, portable dishwasher, bedroom set- 202-9339


Swap Shop 6/30

Hay bales- 641-0452

Table saw, boat and trailer- 886-3015

Wants baby bed- 525-3896

94 Lincoln, tire- 281-4085

Bathtub, rain barrells, forks for forklift, pinball machine- 335-4429

Wants someone to cut yard- 631-4091

Wants Shitzu puppy, canaries, Chihuahua- 417-366-9606

5th wheel trailer, 98 Ranger- 620-9111

Power washer, table saw, weedeater- 383-3209

5 lots- 281-2672

Car dolly, ducks, leaf blower, sinks- 322-2396

05 Mote Carlo, 06 Grand Marquis- 221-3096

Western books- 281-1940

Riding mower- 998-4974

Toddler bed, camper shell, iPhone case- 429-9679

Pool pump, sand filter, pool cleaners- 886-1558 


Swap Shop For 6/29/15

For Sale 48" Antique Table. Call 886-8604

For Sale Chest Of Drawers, King Size Matress, Full Size Matress & Box Springs. Call 287-7488

For Sale 2 Wheel Rubbermaid Cart, Compost Tumbler, Husqvarna Chainsaw. Call 734-0216

For Sale '03 CR85 Dirt Bike. Call 886-2459

For Sale 10x10 Chainlink Dog Pen, Valvoline Go Kart. Call 909-4509

For Sale ' 87 F-250 . Call 715-939-0492

For Sale Central Air Unit, 110 AC, 2-220 AC Units. Call 631-5864

Looking For MIlitary Cot & Footlocker. Call 229-0351

For Sale 2 Home Phones, Vacuum, Metal Fan. Call 815-0251

For Sale Yamaha Golf Cart, '06 Grand marquis. Call 221-3096

For Sale Indoor Air Filter. Call 831-0458

For Sale 2014 Class C Motor Home. Call 886-8015

Looking For Vehicle Mounted Bike Rack.Call 815-3262

For Sale Mens 26" Bike, Sink, Car Seat, Stroller. Call 886-8366

For Sale Ducks, Coffee Table, Sinks, Leaf Blower. Call 542-0299

For Sale Craftsman Riding Mower. Call 864-7712

For Sale Fryer Rabbits, Guineas, Turkeys, Hens. Call 886-5228

For Sale 2-.22 Rifles, Small Fridge, Misc Tires & Wheels, '03 Pontiac Sunfire. Call 329-2436

For Sale 20" Kids Dirt Bike.Call 831-5178

Looking For Full Or Queen Bed. Call 412-1990

Swap Shop 6/19

14.5 Briggs & Stratton engine- 886-6668

Kirby vaccum, cellphone- 202-2809

Uniform, wedding dress, cabinet, house at the lake- 785-241-3316

2 headlights and taillights, Bonneville, tractors- 322-2381

Antique radio, books- 202-7957

Camper shell, twin bed, wooden bed- 641-0733

Mower, freezer, coffee and end tables- 248-5185

5 lots- 651-5059

02 F150- 631-5302

Sink, TV-886-8366

94 Lincoln, trailer, boat- 281-4085

06 Silverado, tiller- 573-576-9784

Chairs, saw, drill-229-2150
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