09:52pm, 11/30/15
Swap Shop
Swap Shop 9:25 to 10 AM Mon. through Sat. Call 660-886-5666.

Swap Shop Rules

Wanted items or items for sale listed for free on KMMO. 
No Garage or rummage sales on Swap Shop. We have the Rummage Sale Round-up for that.
No hand guns.
If it is your primary source of income, please don't advertise it on the Swap Shop.
You may list only ONE phone number or one address on the Swap Shop.

If you have a question as to what can go on the Swap Shop please ask the person answering the phone if your item can be advertised on Swap Shop, they will be happy to help you.

To participate, call 886-5666 or 1-800-727-5666 Monday through Saturday between 9:20 and 10 AM.

Swap Shop For Monday 11/30/15

For Sale Australian Shepherd Puppies. Call

For Sale Carhart Med Coat, 110 Heater Fireplace,Treddle Sewing Machine . Call 815-0228

For Sale 2br Lake Home In Edwards, Womens Clothing. Call 785-241-3316

For Sale XL London Fog Coat. Call 631-4046

For Sale 3pc Bedroom Suite, Coach. Call 202-3144

Free Clothes & Purses. Call 886-9341

For Sale Air Compressor & 3 Airbrushes. Call 619-4803

For Sale 40 Channel Conax CB Radio & Anntenae, Powerwheel 4 Wheeler, Powerwasher. Call 200-6522

For Sale Westlow Treadmill, Slim HP Laptop, HP Laptop Touch Computer. Call 287-0559

For Sale Santa Suit, Musical Instruments, Pocket Knife & Badge Collection LF Flatscreen TV. Call 529-3334

For Sale Pull Behind 46" Mower, Fender Guitar w Hardcase. Call 890-4633

For Sale AKC Shihtzu Puppy, Cockatiels, 2 Male Chihuahua. Call 417-366-9606

For Sale Mens 2x Winter Coat, PS2 Games. Call 529-9989

 For Sale 48' Trailer, Used Pick Up & Car Call 631-0312

For Sale Wool Jacket, Crown Victoria Wheels,LF Chevy Aveo. Call 281-2672

For Sale '04 Grand Am, '05 Chevy Malibu,Marlin 39A Lever Action Rifle, Washer & Dryer. Call 329-2436

For Sale Swing Set, Trampoline. On Boyd Street

For Sale Feeder Pigs, Hogs, Mini Donkeys. Call 202-7681

For Sale Flat Bottom 12' Jon Boat, 3 pt Wood Splitter. Call 549-3436

Looking For Stepladder. Call 202-3309

For Sale Outboard Motor, Oars, Humming Bird Fish Finder. Call 886-3015

For Sale Recliner, Jewelry Cabinet, Dishes Pots & Pans. Call 335-6782

For Sale 14" Rally Wheels. Call 815-3394

Swap Shop for Saturday, 11/28/15

Sedalia: Looking for: flat bed trailer; 827-3464

Cole Camp Junction: For sale: 2006 Chevy Silverado; 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix SE; 5 lots with shop and barn; 281-2672

Marshall: For sale: microwave; electric heater; 3 pair of ladies Dickey jeans size 26; 815-0251

Lawson: For sale: 7-week-old Australian Shepherd puppies; 334-0136

Glasgow: For sale: oak rocking chair; sheets of tin; 2 chords firewood; 338-2963

Marshall: Buy sell or trade leaf blowers and push mowers; 886-6668

Sedalia: For sale or trade: HP computer; For sale: Kenmore white microwave; Weslow Treadmill; 287-0559

Glasgow: For sale: 1998 Buick Century LTD; 833-3155 or 481-2239

Marshall: Looking for: 36-inch wooden door; 886-2829

Slater: For sale: complete Santa suit and bag of toys; 1/2 size violin; 60 boxes of misc. tools; tractor radio; looking for: flat screen TV and outside antenna; 529-3334

Marshall: For sale: Antique round oak kitchen pedestal table; looking for: 1986-89 Chevy Caprice Coupe for parts; 886-8604

Marshall: For sale: Procom garage heater; storage unit; comfort walk 967 voit; 815-3859

Fayette: For sale: appliance dolly; Cub Cadet riding mower; Schwinn Aerodyne exercise bicycle; Kenmore electric clothes dryer; 248-5185

New Franklin: For sale: John Deere 2010; 537-9811

Marshall: For sale: Upright vaccuum; pecans; 886-9540

Marcelene: For sale: 5-speed transmission, transfer case and other parts for a 1998 Chevy 1500 4x4 pickup; looking for: kitchen cabinet that fits a 24-inch wall oven; 376-2511

Marshall: For sale: 5-pound bags of cracked pecans; 202-1148

Slater: For sale: white sewing machine; minature faux fireplace/heater; 815-0228

Slater: For sale: Bow flex climbing machine; treadmills; 529-9926

Waverly: For sale: 2005 Chevy Malibu; Double-barrell shotgun; 2 Remington pump shotguns; 329-2436

Higginsville: For sale: 4 steers; 596-3141

Sweet Springs: Set of forks from a forklift; 1954 Cover Girl pinball machine; claw foot bathtub; metal barrells; 619-4413

Slater: For sale: oak firewood; looking for pecans; 631-9347

Marshall: For sale: dog pen; chainsaw; free-standing basketball goal; 886-3015

Marshall: For sale: decorative Christmas houses; Bushnell refractor telescope; 886-2847

Swap Shop for Friday, 11/27/15

Lawson: For sale: Austrailian Shepherd puppies; 334-0136

Cole Camp: For sale: 23-foot camper trailer; 886-9874

Sedalia: For sale: Kenmore white microwave; treadmill; Huffy blue mountain bike; 287-0559

Slater: For sale: complete Santa suit; 1/2 size violin; tractor radio; 50 boxes miscellaneous tools; 529-3334

Marshall: For sale: hay bale stair; 888-9368

Marshall: Looking for: small 2-runner sled; For sale: outdoor Christmas lights; 886-3015

Gillam: For sale: 48-foot trailer; 631-0312

Concordia: For sale: 5-person hot tub; 351-3612

Carrollton: Looking for: grinder/mixer; 542-8416

Moberly: For sale: under counter dishwasher; over-the-range microwave; 651-5059

Marshall: For sale: 2004 Chevy classic; 886-9780

Glasgow: For sale: 25-foot dual tandum trailer; claw foot tub; claw foot tub; Looking for: lever action 270 rifle; Looking for: gas powered pole saw; 728-5188

Slater: For sale: pedal sewing machine; minature electric fireplace; 815-0228

Boonville; For sale: 3-point hitch seeder/spreader; Browning Illusion compound bow and accessories; 537-3432

Swap Shop 11/26

For sale: push mower and a leaf blower- 815-4728

For sale: Hospital bed- 651-3532

For sale: 5 lots and a Chevy truck- 281-2672

For sale: pecans- 886-9540

Looking for a Chrysler minivan and a shortbed truck- 221-3096

Looking for a kitchen cabinet and plastic security fence- 376-2511

For sale: canoe- 886-4454

For sale: Christmas lights- 886-3015

For sale: straw, 05 Chevy truck, hitch- 329-0127

For sale: Christmas decorations and golf clubs- 613 E State in Marshall

For sale: kitchen table- 886-8604

Swap Shop for Wednesday, 11/25/15

Cole Camp: For Sale: 23-foot Aristrocrat travel trailer; 886-9874

Cole Camp: For Sale: 5 lots in Benton county; 2006 Chevy 1500 truck; 281-2672

Brunswick: For Sale: 1-year-old Border Collie; 833-1647

Lawson: For Sale: Australian Shepherd puppies; 334-0136

Carrollton: Looking for: kayaks; 329-0855

Marshall: Looking for: appliance dolly; 888-9368

Chillicothe: For Sale: 1999 Ford F-150 XLT 4-wheel-drive truck; 16-foot fish & ski boat/motor/trailer; 973-1955

Marshall: For Sale: electric cookstove; 202-2381

concordia: For Sale: 1947 Chevy 3/4 ton flatbed truck; 463-8018

Dewitt: For Sale: female German Shepherd hybrid pup; 329-0068

Fayette: For Sale: laying hens; Cub Cadet 2165 riding lawn mower; Kenmore electric dryer; Winchester pocket knife; 248-5185

Excelsior Springs: Looking for: refrigerator 5-7 years old with ice maker; Looking for: grandfather clock; (816) 630-8705

Marshall: For Sale: 5-pound bag of cracked pecans; 202-1148

Malta Bend: For Sale: 6 Kayaks with paddles; 229-4013

Marshall: For Sale: Savage 308 rifle with Bushnell scope; 631-4484

Sweet Springs: For Sale: RCA surround sound system; 202-2809

Slater: For Sale: 1950 Chevy 2-door coupe; 1988 Corvette convertible; antique marble top dresser; 529-2587

Marshall: For Sale: 2001 Bobcat skid loader; 886-9341

Swap Shop for Tuesday, 11/24/15

Lawson: For sale: Australian Shepherd Puppies; 334-0136

Marshall: For sale: 1000 BTU furnace; 886-3233

Marshall: Free: Washing machine; 886-4019

Slater: For sale: metal wardrobe; old milk can; 110 window air conditioner; 281-1812

Marshall: For sale: 1997 Dodge Stratus; 631-9323

Hardin: For sale: Everyready residential propane tank; 22 Playstation 3 games; collection of board games; (816) 786-4547

Excelsior Springs: Looking for: refigerator 5-7 years old with ice maker; grandfather clock; (816) 630-8705

Marshall: Buy sell or trade: Madis 2-cycle cultivator/tiller; push mower; looking for: push mowers; 815-4728

Marhall: Looking for table saw, miter power saw and scroll saw; 886-1189

Sedalia; For sale: 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix SE; 281-2672

Brunswick: For sale: lot of pool sticks; 414-5453

Mt. Vernon: For sale: 2 male Chihuahuas; 2 cockateels; cages for birds and rabbits; (417) 366-9606

Sweet Springs: For sale: Peavy PA system; looking for: laying hens; 619-2309

Columbia: For sale: 401C John Deere tractor with loader and brush hog; manure spreader; hoosier cabinet; (573) 999-3011

Marshall: For sale: antique round oak pedestal kitchen table; set of 6-hole Chevy wagon wheel rims; 886-8604

Carrollton: For sale: 3 sets of oak bathroom cabinets; 1959 Chevy grain truck; mallard ducks; 542-0299

Armstrong: For sale: black AKC registered puppies; (573) 489-2436

Marshall: For sale: 9 pair of men's jeans size 52/30; 202-9508

Salisbury: For sale: 1100 lightweight 20 gage rifle; 33 1/2 Beretta Extrema 2; 414-6281

Swap Shop For 11/12/15

Looking For Camper. Call 815-0792

For Sale Set Of Breastmilk Pumps. Call 202-2809

For Sale '98 Ford Contour. Call 202-1679

For Sale Bow Flex Tread Climber, 2 Treadmills. Call 529-9926

For Sale 2 Cockatiels, Bird cages, Male Chihuahuha. Call 417-366-9606

For Sale Remington 12ga Shotgun. Call 815-1001

For Sale Meat Saw, Fish, Rabbit & Chicken Cages. Call 529-2946

For Sale Antique Tractor Radio, 5 in 1 Power Pack,Typewriter, Santa Suit. Call 529-3334

For Sale Chair, Set Of 8 Fostoria Glasses, Ladder. Call 886-7117

Looking For '67 or '68 Mustang. Call 341-7060

Looking For '90 Nissan Pick Up. Call 259-2566

For Sale 2 Pumps, ATT Iphone 5. Call 573-999-4303

For Sale Roll Around Fireplace. Call 631-0962

Looking For Young Pups. Call 784-2795

For Sale 2 -20" TVs. Call 631-5066

For Sale Walnut Bedroom Set. Call 886-3683

For Sale '06 Chevy Silverado 1500 . Call 281-2672

Looking For Ford Escursion Call 417-399-9108

For Sale Cub Cadet Riding Mower, Exercise Bike, Kenmore Dryer, Electric Motors. Call 248-5185

For Sale Hydraulic Bale Fork. Call 631-9674

Swap Shop 11/7/15

Kitchen table and rims- 886-8604

Stock tanks- 281-0253

07 Coachman- 534-7755

Wants inexpensive vehicle- 573-239-8680

Step ladder, glasses- 886-7117

Sectional, king sized bed frame, washer-631-2959

01 Saturn- 631-1532

Dogs, records, albums- 784-2341

Dog walker, TV, microwave- 886-9540

Camper- 229-3702

Wants a crochet bed cover- 815-3357

Monte Carlo, 05 Malibu, gun- 660-329-2436

Workout equipment- 529-9926

Wants somebody to repair old ramps- 631-0083

File cabinets, surround sound- 886-5221

Wants old style cultivator- 815-2068

99 Chevy Venture- 815-5135

94 GMC van, truck tires- 631-5002


Swap Shop 11/6

2001 Saturn- 631-1532

Gun safe, motorcycle, hot tub- 202-3354

PS2 games, Men's 2x coat- 529-9989

Several TVs, exercise equipment, end tables, cabinet- 837-3233

81 Sierra 1500- 440-0012

Pet kennel for small dog, wants rabbit coup- 815-2717

Saw, grinder, miter saw- 851-0056

Engine, motor- 631-0312

Books- 529-3334

Curio cabinet, saw, dog pen- 886-3015

Headboard- 676-2545

Pecans- 631-3101

Chevy 1500- 281-2672

Bonneville, rabbit cages and pens- 621-5029

96 Camaro- 998-5812

03 Chevy- 548-3382

Swap Shop 10/23

For sale computer, VHS movies- 236-2284

For sale pony waggon, buggies- 247-4911

For sale gas range, fridge, buggies- 668-2053

For sale mowers- 221-2865

For sale tires, wheels. bug shield- 281-4083

For sale TV, hedge trimmers, AC compressor- 529-9989

For sale dolly, wants hay bales- 542-2197

For sale camper, games, desk, bar- 281-4085

For sale KC Chiefs coat, stone- 831-0458

For sale 86 Chevy, 2 door parts, tables, waggon, rims- 886-8604

For sale Santa suit, windmill, bottles- 529-3334

For sale grandfather clock- 816-630-8705

For sale desk, table, sofas- 886-9780

For sale twin bed- 429-9679

Looking for tool box for truck and trailer for racecar- 631-3635

Swap Shop for 10/22

For sale Hover Round- 831-1226

Looking for a fridge, grandfather clock, men's suits- 816-630-8705

For sale 6.75 motor- 631-2052

For sale gun cabinet, dresser, TV- 619-7427

Looking for hedge trimmer- 815-4728

For sale fridge, safe- 529-2636

For sale wooden table- 593-3728

For sale table, wheels- 886-8604

Looking for firewood- 886-7856

For sale desk- 202-7744

For sale 1986 Voyager- 595-0102

For sale ladder- 815-4799

For sale dryer, stove, fridge, dining room set, lift chair- 229-0044

Looking for farm cats, oak night stands- 202-2506

For sale rabbits- 202-0758

For sale board games- 886-2847

For sale shotgun ammo- 886-3015

For sale shotguns- 529-2587

For sale shower stool- 886-5209

For sale shotgun- 886-5228

For sale headboard- 631-4905

Swap Shop 10/13/15

For sale: a computer, VHS movies- 226-2284

For sale: Tyke car, bike, clothes, scrubs- 831-0537

For sale: boat and motor, wants an electric break controller- 815-0219

For sale: compound bow, case, and arrows- 202-7278

For sale: propane tank, PS3 games, Ipod touch- 816-786-4547

For sale: Power wheels 4wheeler, chainsaw, leaf blower- 542-2038

For sale: bikes- 631-5360

For sale: guns, freezer, fridge- 631-3698

For sale: multiple animals- 417-366-9606

For sale: ladder rack- 221-4179

For sale: freezers- 886-9874

Looking for: VCR and firewood, selling a china cabinet- 886-3163

For sale: men's jeans, steel toe boots, jean jackets and winter coats- 202-2839

For sale: duck decoys, dog pen- 886-3015

Looking for: 04 or newer F150, has a trailer and 2 lots- 281-2672

For sale: Outdoor bar- 815-999-2819

Free large porch swing- 202-1742

For sale: yard cart, kennels, grinders- 815-4124

For sale: 78 camper,entertainment centers, pack and play- 886-2176

For sale: Sofa, dining room table, oak chair- 229-1771

For sale: swingsets, trampoline- 229-0970

Swap Shop 10/10

For sale computer desks and a fridge- 202-1806

For sale a camera, TV, and shed- 441-1280

For sale a TV- 463-2340

Giving away a Weiner Dog- 229-0745

For sale a mower, freezer, dryer, 2 doors- 248-5185

Wants a washing machine- 831-0997

For sale a vaccum. ski machine, table and chairs- 287-0559

For sale a birdcage, step ladders, wants a smart phone- 229-2150

For sale a 98 Taurus, wheels, mower- 202-3113

For sale a transmission, couch and loveseat- 529-2587

Swap Shop 10/3

For sale a tire, gas stove, dresser- 229-3469

For sale a Kirby vaccum- 831-0676

For sale a pump, Wingmaster- 973-1955

For sale a dolly for a Jeep- 542-2197

For sale a boat and trailer- 815-0219

For sale propane tanks, shed, fence, panels- 833-8227

Wants somebody that work on handicap scooters, has a tire- 394-2679

For sale a stove, toolboxes, carpet stretcher- 631-5938

For sale a mobile home, lots, 03 Grand Prix- 281-2672

For sale a combine- 631-3528

For sale parts for 91 Camry- 376-2511

For sale a trailer, wants boards and posts- 909-2237

For sale a tractor- 221-3096

For sale a fuel pump, wants a tiller- 619-7666

For sale jean jackets and coats, men's jeans, VCR tapes- 202-2839

Wants a large dog- 537-0692

For sale wester saddle, misc items- 631-2056

Swap Shop 9/18/15

Looking for a 4-wheeler- 631-5570

For sale: solid oak desk and chair, china cabinet, furniture- 886-3053

For sale: book shelves and desk, high chair, vhina cabinet- 886-3163

For sale: vaccum, wants cellphone donations- 831-0676

For sale: mint plates, Coke glasses, bike- 414-6380

For sale: tickets for the Mizzou game on Saturday- 676-6636

For sale: baby items- 913-284-4919

Looking for a gas stove- 815-3765

For sale: power chair- 728-0283

For sale: 94 Lincoln, boat motor, tire, wants a 4 wheeler- 281-4085

Looking for cattle bug- 631-2793

For sale: yard ornaments, pitch shovel, flower bed- 676-3850

For sale: 99 Dodge Durango, 98 Saturn- 619-3658

For sale: dress rabbits, western books, assorted animals- 886-5228

For sale: antique desk, 90 Corvette- 248-2053

For sale: digital camera, antenna box, older TV, storage container- 441-1280

Swap Shop 9/15

For Sale: Baseball cards, comic books- 202-3771

Looking For: Cat enclosure for the outside- 909-1833

Looking For: Round oak pedestal table- 886-8604

For Sale: Washer and dryer- 815-1046

For Sale: Fridge, stove, AC, table and chairs, end table- 886-8069

For Sale: Nintendo and PS1- 229-1336

For Sale: 93 Ford Ranger- 565-2461

For Sale: Bedliner- 973-3099

For Sale: German Shepard puppies- 229-1631

For Sale: Vaccum cleaner- 831-0676

For Sale: Toneau cover- 248-1223

For Sale: Ski boat, 2 shotguns- 973-1955

For Sale: Rabbits, truck, ball, western books- 886-5228

For Sale: Old waggon wheels- 229-0315

For Sale: 99 Chevy truck- 221-3096

For Sale: Hutch, microwave cart- 816-699-9032

For Sale: Branson tickets, cattle panels- 909-1480

For Sale: 9 Acres in Benton County, pontoon boat- 631-3698
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