08:42pm, 03/03/15
Swap Shop
Swap Shop 9:25 to 10 AM Mon. through Sat. Call 660-886-5666.

Swap Shop Rules

Wanted items or items for sale listed for free on KMMO. 
No Garage or rummage sales on Swap Shop. We have the Rummage Sale Round-up for that.
No hand guns.
If it is your primary source of income, please don't advertise it on the Swap Shop.
You may list only ONE phone number or one address on the Swap Shop.

If you have a question as to what can go on the Swap Shop please ask the person answering the phone if your item can be advertised on Swap Shop, they will be happy to help you.

To participate, call 886-5666 or 1-800-727-5666 Monday through Saturday between 9:20 and 10 AM.

Swap Shop

For Sale Twin Bed w/ Mattress and Headboard. Call 815-0418

For Sale 2012 John Deere Gator. Call 202-2393

For Sale Purebred Aus. Shepherd. Call 620-575-4650

Looking For person who was selling decorative yard windmills & Purple Martin Houses on and earlieer Swap Shop. Call 827-3404

For Sale Toaster Oven, Vintage Bowls, Dehydrators. Call 202-9508

For Sale Round Bales Of Mixed Hay. Call 631-3201

Looking For Parts For '95 Grand Prix, 2 Sets Of Cross Bucks, RR Crossing Sign. Call 484-3516

For Sale 20' Ext Ladder, 2 Laptops, 2 BB Guns. Call 816-786-4547

For Sale Little Girls Bed, Paintings, Super Nintendo Game. Call 202-3583

Free Box Of Cassette Tapes. Call 352-284-5596

For Sale Above Range Microwave, 18hp Evinrude. Call 833-8121

For Sale Female German Shepherd Puppy, Baby Boys Clothing. Call 482-4195

For Sale Vine Saddle, All Purpose Saddle. Call 631-5224

For Sale Boat Motor, '02 Chevy 4x4 Pick Up. Call 631-5529

For Sale '88 Motor Home.Call 548-3084

For Sale Bales Of Red Clover Hay. Call 827-3573

For Sale Baby Bed. Call 816-288-4862

For Sale Sink. Call 886-5659

For Sale Harley Boots & Jacket, Remington Rifle. Call 815-0744

For Sale Mobil Home & Land  in Bento Co, '97 Ford Escort. Call 281-2672

Swap Shop

For Sale Lift Chair, Apt Size Fridge. Call 831-5178

For Sale Purebred Australian Shepherd. Call 620-575-4650

For Sale Prom Dresses Size 4-6, Bowflex Machine. Call 815-0152

Looking For 2 Motorcycle Helmets. Call 831-0676

For Sale Leather Razor Strap, Remington BB Air Rifle, Acoustic Guitar. Call 529-3334

For Sale Inversion Table,Motorcycle Table. Call 229-4563

For Rent Trailer In Country LF 18hp Starter,Lawn Mower,Batteries For Cordless Tools.Call 229-6002

For Sale '02 1/2 Ton Ford F150 XLT 831-0345

For Sale Bamboo Table & Chairs, Bissel Vac,3x6 Mirror. Call 287-7488

For Sale  Bed Frame,AT&T Prepaid Phone, Bagless Vac.Call 202-2809

For Sale Dale Earnhart Items. Call 414-6380

For Sale 18' Car Trailer. Call 815-3480

For Sale Solid Kitchen Table & Chair, Leather Recliner, L Shape Desk, Whirlpool Window Unit, Chairs. Call 833-6421

Free Collie Lab Mixed Puppies. Call 238-0555

Looking For Concrete Blocks, Dog Pen, Chain Link Fence, Tractor w Loader. Call 376-2511

For Sale Tires 265/70/17 Tires. Call 229-1148

For Sale '99 Dodge Grand Caravan. Call 221-3096

For Sale '98 4w4 Jeep Cherokee, '68 Bucket Truck, Boat Motor & Trailer. Call 886-2176

Swap Shop for Saturday 2/28/15

For sale: horseshoe-shaped computer desk with a high-back rolling chair; Whirlpool window heating/cooling unit; odd & end chairs; Fayette: 833-6421

Looking for used car/truck/minivan; 202-0471

For sale: young purebred Austrailian Shepherds; Lawson: (620) 575-4650

For sale: oak firewood; looking for a log splitter; Slater: 631-9347

For sale: entertainment center; Marshall: 831-1811

For sale: double stroller; box of 22-pound yeast; looking for couch/loveseat (not leather); Concordia: (205) 396-8791

For sale: 860 Ford tractor; 1999 Dodge Ram Caravan; Sedalia; 221-3096

For sale: 31 Avon Christmas plates; Gravois Mills: (573) 372-5594

For sale: mixed Yorkie; Knob Noster: 238-2566

For sale: 1999 Monte Carlo; 2001 GMC pickup; 2 .22 rifles; 329-2436

For sale: New Ukelele in box and a Xylophone; Remington BB rifle; Sure studio mic; 5-string Banjo; Slater: 529-3334

For sale: Carl Edwards T-shirts; Slater: 631-5864

For sale: Vintage comic books; Electric snow blower; Brunswick: 229-3491

For sale; Electric 18-inch snow blower; Marshall: 229-3491

To give away: king-size mattress; Sweet Springs: 202-2809

For sale: 3 tires size 265/75/16; complete set of tires and wheels from a 1997 Chevy 4x4; Harley Davidson motorcycle jacket; Marshall: 631-2056

For sale: Pair Michelin 225/65/17 tires; Bissell bagless vaccuum; .925 silver ring size 7; Sedalia: 287-7488

For sale: 8 horse snow blower; 1991 Raleigh sport Camaro; 350 Chevy 2-barrell; Slater: 529-2587

For sale: Westfield seed aulger; 542-8416

Looking for: yellow vinyl/chrome kitchen chairs; Marshall: 886-8604

For sale: 2001 Chevy pickup; Hardeman: 631-3528

Looking for: canoe; looking for Chevy S-10 truck; looking for upright deep freezer; Marshall: 202-2747

Swap Shop

For Sale Sunstar Tanning Bed. Call 815-7934

For Sale Electric Wheelchair, Invocare Hospital Bed, Lowry Organ, Walkin Tub. Call 886-5659

For Sale Purebred Australian  Shepherd Pups. Call 620-575-4650

For Sale Batman Figures. Call 529-9989

For Sale Ladder Rack. Call 221-4179

For Sale Tires 255/70/17. Call 229-1148

For Sale Solid Body 4 String Electric Guitar/Amp,33 1/3 Country Gospel Records, Studio Mic, 5 String Banjo. Call 529-3334

For Sale Motorcycle Lift Table. Call 229-4563

For Sale China Cabinet, Ent. Center, Windmill. Call 621-2664

For Sale Lg Rd Bales. Call 527-3587

For Sale Mini Australian Puppies. Call 527-3583

For Sale Chandilier, 2 TVs, Dinette Set.Call 886-1558

For Sale '06 Chevy Monte Carlo, 2 Riding Mowers. Call 542-3843

Looking For Fridge, Desktop PC. Call 816-630-8705

For Sale '95 Chevy Silverado 4x4. Call 815-0955

Swap Shop

For Sale Murray Riding Mower, Front Tine Tiller, Weed Eaters. Call 886-6668

Looking For Square Bales. Call 335-4075

For Sale 10- 1 Year Old Laying Hens. Call 827-3156

For Sale Pure Bred Ausi Shepherd. Call 620-575-4650

For Sale Ryobi Weed Eater, Looking For Samsung Galaxy 3. Call 202-2809

For Sale 18" Snow Blower. Call 229-3491

For Sale Small Square Bales Mix Grass. Call 441-2421

For Sale GMC Acadia. Call 815-0378

For Sale 36" TV, Wedding Dress, Lg Leather Winter Coat, 2 BR Home Lake Ozark. Call 785-241-3316

Looking For Desktop PC, Dining Room Set, Fridge. Call 816-630-8705

Looking For Upholstry Mahine,Iron Hot Rack. Call 886-3015

For Sale  Bissell Vac, Silver Ring, Game Chair. Call 287-3406

For Sale Big Round Bales Of Red Clover. Call 527-3573

Swap Shop

For Sale Viper Tree Stand. Call 287-8351

For Sale Reece 2" Towing Package, Ladies Tan Suede Boots , Grey Suede Boots, Puzzles. Call 831-0537

For Sale Black Fridge , Table & Chairs, Carpet. Call  815-7202

For Sale St. Louis Cardinals Sunglasses. Call 886-0849

For Sale 860 Ford Tractor, LF Minivan. Call 221-3096

For Sale Purebred Austrlian Shepherd Pups. Call 620-575-4650

Looking For Used Propane Stove. Call 634-2326

For Sale Aluminum Toolbox For S10, Looking For 94-95 Chevy 3/4 Ton For Parts. Call 816-529-1963

For Sale Couch. Call 831-1372

For Sale Swing Set, Looking For Washer,LF Mattress. Call 202-2839

For Sale 450 Bushel Auger wagon. Call 641-2353

For Sale '85 Chevy 1/2 Ton Pick Up. Call 973-1955

For Sale '01 Chevy Blazer Xtreme, 50 Cal Black Powder Rifle. Call 734-4303

For Sale 2 Older TVs, Flags, PS3 Game. Call 631-5066

For Sale Red Laying Hens,Guinneas,Snow Call Duck. Call 886-5228

Looking For Picking Axe, Looking For Post Hole Digger, Differential Case,'98 Chevy Pick Up. Call 376-2511

For Sale Martin Bow w Case, 54 Cal Muzzle Loader. Call 886-1122

Swap Shop 2/18

Wants 2t-3t boy's shirts and pants, 4t girls, 2 car seats, freezer- 619-8812

Batman figures- 529-9989

Wants adult laying hens and henhouse- 238-0675

Double stroller, Android cell, VHS tapes- 202-396-8791

2 bedroom house, wedding dress, 36" TV- 785-241-3316

03 Camry, Yamaha frame and front end, snow blase- 233-3831

Wants excercise bikes and airwalk treadmill- 816-877-3693

Parts for racer, new crank shaft, JE pistons, 6inch rods- 631-3207

Wants cheap Chevy or Ford 79-89 front wheel drive, books, sheers- 440-0024

91 Dodge- 202-0471

Wants greenhouse- 676-6847

Wants yellow and vinyl chrome chairs- 886-8604

Swap Shop 2/14

Tire, Xbox 360 games, Blu Ray Warrior- 631-0285

Dirt Devil, mattress, chair- 287-7488

Weedeaters- 886-6668

Ladder rack- 221-4179

9x9 garage door, hay bale spike for tractor- 347-5114

03 Grand Canyon, 800 Ford tractor- 221-3096

Guitars, wants to buy old currency- 886-7558

97 Ford Escort- 281-2672

Firewood- 631-9347

Tractor, finishing mowers- 841-8623

Wants kitchen chairs- 886-8604

Tires- 394-2679

Old, non-running cars and trucks- 529-2587

Forks, Wench, pipe tools, barrells- 335-4429

Fridge, shotgun, rifles- 329-2436

English Shepard dog, wants recipe books for a bread machine- 376-2511

Small deep freezer, wants a truck, wants a canoe- 202-2747

Swap Shop 2/11

94 Ford Ranger- 815-1370

Massey Ferguson 150, 2 mowers- 841-2948

Power washer, weedeater- 232-1329

91 Ford F150- 646-1961

2 rifles, stove, riding mowers- 329-2436

27" TV, PS 3 games, flags- 631-5066

Variety of misc items- 529-3334

Planter, wants wide front end for SD 3026 or 4020- 998-9719

wWants puppy- 202-2722

Lake home, wedding dress, 36" TV- 785-241-3316

Wants fridge, computer, and grandfather clock- 816-630-8705

Car battery, tires- 886-7769

Swap Shop 2/7

Lift chair, desk chair, TV- 831-5178

01 Ford Taurus- 815-2207

Wheelchair and walker- 631-1532

Dale Sr memorial items- 414-6380

Carburetor, baby bed, double stroller, wants a vaccum food saver- 205-396-8791

Recliner, twin size mattress, ring- 287-3406

94 Chevy truck- 202-1317

Real estate for swap, 94 Escort for swap- 281-2672

Power washer, firewood, weedeater- 232-1329

Cookbooks, doctors bag with tools, misc- 529-3334

Living room set, entertainment centers- 886-5221

861 Ford Tractor, wants Brush Hog and blade- 221-3096

Forks for forklift, large bucket, metal barells, wench- 335-4429

Wants a propane heater, a Chow dog, an older garden tractor, and a breadmaker- 376-2511

Wants truck tires, has a Harley jaket, and tanning bed- 631-2056

Swap Shop

For Sale Reece 2" Towing Receiver, Taillights '02 Ford F150. Call 831-0537

For Sale Handmade Wooden Chest, Walk Behind Plow. Call 202-2100

For Sale Indian Collectibles, PS3 Games, Flags & Banners. Call 631-5066

For Sale China Hutch, American Stingray Bike, Rocking Chair. Call 202-0493

For Sale 3 Tix To Billy Joel @ Sprint Center. Call 329-2644

For Sale '98 Ford Ranger. Call 909-2071

For Sale '97 Chevy S10. Call 731-5170

For Sale Mattress, Western Books, Mystery Books. Call 529-2851

Looking For Grain Bin. Call 631-5985

For Sale Freezer, Side by Side Fridge, Rims & Tires 225,75,16. Call 329-2436

For Sale '95 Charger Bass Boat, Motor, Trailer, '79 V Bottom Boat Motor & Trailer. Call 229-1148

For Sale Forklift Forks, Loader Bucket, Hydraulic Wench, Metal Barrels. Call 335-4429

Looking For PC w/ Microsoft Word, Collie Pup,Ford. Call 376-2511

Looking For Used Baling wire. Call 619-5030

For Sale '08 GMC 3/4 Ton 4x4 Diesle. Call 641-2363

Swap Shop

For Sale Bearing Sockets. Call 322-0706

For Sale '01 Pontiac Bonneville. Call 322--2381

For Sale Older TV, 2br Home In Edwards, Home Interior Pics. Call 785-241-3316

For Sale Oak Gun Cabinet. Call 548-3293

Looking For A Dog. Call 202-9853

Looking For Car Trailer. Call 238-3413

For Sale '08 GMC 3/4 Ton Pick Up. Call 641-2363

Looking For Spanish Royal Black Turkey. Call 882-2874

Looking For Ant Doorknobs,'68 MO Plates. Call 631-9036

For Sale Browning 12ga Automatic.Call 815-0275

Looking For Computer For '94 Ford 350 FS   '98 Chevy Minivan. Call 888-3692

For Sale 8mo Female Chihuahua. Call 438-2362

Looking For Grandfather Clock, Desktop PC,Fridge. Call 816-630-8705

For Sale Bluray {layer. Call 229-1036

For Sale Wrenches. Call 338-2613

For Sale Pure Bred Golden Retreiver. Call 537-2990

Looking For  '56 Chevy Caprice, Chrome/Vinyl Kitchen Chairs. Call 886-8604

Swap Shop 1/26

Simmons mattresses, 5x7 area rug, rings - 287-3406

rear hitch,  puzzles, dresses- 831-0537

desk, dishes, jewelery, clothing- 525-8289

electric wheel chair- 288-1946

wants older female Basset Hound or Spaniel, wants electric wheelchair carrier- 573-377-4054

Louisville ladder, T-Mobile smart phones, laptops- 816-786-4547

3 in 1 toddler bed, shotgun, giant freezer- 205-396-8791

can opener, border kit, books, jeans- 833-9646

DVD players, dinette set, kitchen chairs- 886-1558

wants weekend housekeeper- 831-0676

wants begining piano book- 281-0894

lid tubs, cookier jar, wants 04 F150- 281-2672

fridge, range- 202-0142

cockateels- 281-7825

large pictures, Star Wars card collection, cookbooks- 529-3334

65 Ford Mustangs, wants stereo, 07 Streetbob- 229-4683

fryer rabbits, western books- 886-5228

wedding gown- 202-9585

mobile home for rent, wants cordless drill- 269-6002

Swap Shop 1/10

Mattress, tire and wheel, wants modern bed- 287-5605

Queen headboard and frame, boxsprings, full size bed- 631-4830

Broken dishwasher- 815-0164

Firewood- 631-9347

Tanning bed, microwave, couch and loveseat- 815-7934

Dresser, rocking chair- 338-2963

Office desk, dishes, jewlery, clothing- 525-8286

Wants tires and non-black shingles, has parts off a Ford motor- 376-2511

Wii game system and games- 886-8086

House by the lake, wedding dress- 785-241-3316

Trimmer- 815-4285

Antique cookie jar, 97 Escort- 281-2672

Wants 86 Chevy Capri parts, kitchen chair- 886-8604

Dryer, tires- 815-3480

House on Hwy E- 827-4185

Firewood- 631-3670

7ft bucket, winch, metal barrells- 335-4429

Tires- 202-0338

Kid's rocker, electric mixer- 815-3367

Adjustable ladder rack- 221-4179
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