08:22am, 10/25/14
Swap Shop
Swap Shop 9:25 to 10 AM Mon. through Sat. Call 660-886-5666.

Swap Shop Rules

Wanted items or items for sale listed for free on KMMO. 
No Garage or rummage sales on Swap Shop. We have the Rummage Sale Round-up for that.
No hand guns.
If it is your primary source of income, please don't advertise it on the Swap Shop.
You may list only ONE phone number or one address on the Swap Shop.

If you have a question as to what can go on the Swap Shop please ask the person answering the phone if your item can be advertised on Swap Shop, they will be happy to help you.

To participate, call 886-5666 or 1-800-727-5666 Monday through Saturday between 9:20 and 10 AM.

Swap Shop Friday 10/24

sofa sleeper- 229-1743

entertainment center- 815-0837

fireplace insert, gas stove, carpet- 281-2677

wants 92 Chevy truck for parts, 96 Go tractor, wants laying hens- 529-2946

lift chair, throw rugs- 202-0224

4wheeler, Yamaha Blaster- 890-4633

pasture for horses, 2 antique bed frames, computer desk- 281-4085

wants riding mower, several lots- 886-9945

table, puppies, chandilier- 202-3999

tires- 631-5864

2 John Deere tractors. small square bles- 888-3453

99 F150- 287-8162

2 gran trucks- 322-0488

calf hut- 909-2071

67 Chevy truck, 69 Chevy, 93 Chevy- 529-2587

87 diesel- 631-4547

85 Chevy- 973-1955

Swap Shop Thursday 10/23

concrete- 815-5087

A/C- 221-6470

Remington 760 and a 30.06- 202-7461

wants 1020 Case IH bean platform- 573-645-1339

trailer 12x70- 281-0740

1957 voat motor, country records, 12" plow- 281-4085

97 F150 for parts, 17" wheels- 542-9896

motor home, wood vanity with mirror- 886-6221

stand up tool box, end tables, dresser with mirror- 619-2533

76 Chevy RV, hot dog cooker, 12 ga shotgun- 233-3831

Kirby vacuum- 229-1771

Duck blind john Boat for rent- 998-1636

John Deere riding mower- 221-2360

heavy duty grill guard for F250-417-300-6040

free female cat- 641-1725

goose decoys, lawn mower, tablesaw- 202-9076

wants used car, chain link fence with gate- 864-4698

Swap Shop Wednesday 10/22/14

autographed pictures- 831-0676

dresser, toolbox, end tables- 619-2533

Star Trek trading cards, Furbies, rummage sale items- 529-3334

2012 Baja Warrior motorcycles- 815-7147

puppies, wants twin size bed- 202-2809

18 volt batteries, dryer, fridge- 248-5185

fuel trailer- 815-2544

riding mower, 4 wheeler- 890-4633

1989 Cehvy 2 ton grain truck, back hoe- 641-1577

wants desk top computer with windows 7, wants excersise bike, wants grandfather clock- 816-630-8705

wants puppies- 631-5367

02 Chevy S10 manual, new brakes, 4 cylinder- 815-4437

14 x 70 mobile home, Kansas Jack cart truck frame puller, 03 Ram- 281-2672

Chevy Voretec motor, wants late 60-70's truck, wants small herding dog- 376-2511

entertainment center, 2 strollers, boys clothes- 886-0699

wants red nosed Pit Bull puppy female- 668-3947

lab puppies- 338-5172

Swap Shop For Tuesday 10/21/14

For Sale Qn Size Sofa Sleeper. Call 229-1743

For Sale 871 A Phone, 5 Boxes Of Books, Pair Of Jeans. Call 833-9646

For Sale 2" Towing Package, Puzzles, Scrubs. Call 831-0537

For Sale Guns, SKS,303, 6 Boxes Of .2230 Ammo Call 510-717-9791

For Sale Honda Watercooled Motor, Transmission. Center Lines S-10. Call 553-7498

For Sale House & 10acres In Glasgow 4br & 3Bath, Pond. Call 728-0491

For Sale '97 Buick Sentry. Call 815-3262

For Sale Chihuahuas1 Female -2 Males. Call 202-7642

For Sale Kenmore Washer & Dryer, 2 Chihuahuas. Call 815- 4964

For Sale Dinettes Set Table & Chairs, Kitchen Table. Call 202-3499

'99 Ford Taurus,.223 Bolt Action Rifle, Side By Side Fridge. Call 329-2436

For Sale Calf Shelter. Call 909-2071

For Sale Chevy V8 Vortec Motor, Concrete Mixer, 18qt Motor. Call 619-3064

For Sale Bull Mastiff/Pitbull Dog, Kenmore Dishwasher,Looking For Snow Shoveler. Call 886-7643

For Sale 60 Black & White Movies,Powerwasher, 16" Chainsaw. Call 221-2865

For Sale GMC Rollback. Call 641-6734

For Sale VCR Tapes,Womens Sketchers, Sweatshirts, Jackets. Call 202-2839

For Sale '02 Ford F150 XLT Truck, '06 Equinox. Call 831-0345

For Sale Cheifs Stadium Coat. Call 620- 5782

For Sale Camper Shell For '05 Chevy Shortbed. Call 631-1801

For Sale Acoustic Piano. Call 784-2208

Looking For Belt Sander. Call 441-3149


Swap Shop For Monday 10/22/14

For Sale '02 Harley Fatboy. Call 202-7461

For Sale Front Load LG Washer. Call 919-597-0775

Looking For Play Pen. Call 335-0102

Looking For Book Case & Used Car. Call 886-4356

For Sae Starwars Collection, VCR. Call 529-9989

For Sale Microwave Cart w Butcher Block Top, 36"x80" Wood Door, Brass Chandilier. Call 287-5605

For Sale Pick Up bed Trailer, Deer Stand, 36" Steel Door. Call 886-3015

For Sale Kitchen Table, Crysta;l Chandalier, Chihuahua Pups. Call 886-1558

For Sale 10Ext Ladder, Sega Video Game, Large Football Card Collection. Call 816-786-4547

Lot In Slater w Gargae. Call 631-3955

For Sale '04 Mazda Tribute, Looking For Small Calf & Pigs. Call 672-9667

For Sale Apples. Call 631-0458

For Sale 643 Corn Header. Call 481-2234

Looking For A 4x4 Pick Up. Call 998-4974

For Sale Chihuahua Puppies. Call 202-2809

For Sale 2 Adult & 1 Childs Ticket Science City. Call 229-3629

For Sale LG Washer, Whirlpool Dryer. Call 919-597-0775

For Sale Firewood. Call 202-3192

For Sale Lg Pet Taxi, Western Books, Breeding Does & Bucks. Call 886-5228

For Sale Cabinet, Looking For P185-70-R14 Tires Need 4. Call 815-3545

For Sale 25.6 Gun. Call 864-7712

For Sale 1 Ticket To Sundays Chiefs Game vs Rams. Call 886-5965

For Sale "18 Grain Bin. Call 202-2948

For Sale Barbwire Pumpkins. Call 346-8795

Looking For Full Size Bed. Call 202-2896


Swap Shop 10/18

flat screen wall mount, cat tower, DVD game- 202-0336

oak TV stand, GPS- 886-8086

stock tank, manure fork, shutters- 281-0253

Playstation, games, controllers, dishwasher, AC- 886-7643

wants dependable truck- 998-4974

boxes of sewing items, Star Trek cards, Furbies- 529-3334

87 truck, air compressor, futon and frame- 888-3639

4.3 Chevy Vortec engine, wants late 60's Dodge truck, wants English Shepard- 376-2511

guitar. xmas tree, Harley Davidson leather jacket- 631-2056

wants a wood splitter- 816-633-2088

4 tires off of a Honda 4-wheeler- 631-4847

Swap Shop For Monday 10/13/14

For Sale Crestwood 4 String Electric Bass Guitar, Wii Game. Call 631-5570

For Sale 2 Laptop Computer. Call 619-6135

For Sale 2br Home / 7 Acres, Cabinet Of Beanie Babies. Call 631-0449

For Sale 20" Bike. Call 631-3473

For Sale Pick Up Bed Trailer, Simpson 6hp Motor, Looking For Small John Boat. Call 886-3015

Looking For Acre Land.. Call 619-8668

For Sale '94 Chevy Silverado 4x4. Call 202-3924

Looking For Walnuts, For Sale Chevy 1ton Farm Truck, Combine Easyman Lift. Call 672-9667

For Sale 6' Landscape Tractor Rake, 2 Antique Gas Stoves, 2 Antique Fridges. Call 281-2672

Free Black Lab Puppy. Call 886-5221

For Sale Young Guineas. Call 815-3631

For Sale Firewood, Free Border Collie Pups. Call 815-2951

For Sale 5x10 Utility Trailer , Looking For 6x12 Trailer, Cart Buggy Wagon. Call 888-9368

For Sale Lennox 42" Wood Burning Fireplace. Call 573-819-8804

For Sale Oak Dining Table & 4 Chairs, Toddler Bed, Console TV. Call 619-8678

For Sale Barrel Wood Stove, Log Splitter. Call 631-2000

For Sale California King Bedroom Suite, King Size Suite, Fridge, Blue Cart. Call 248-5185

For Sale '97 Yamaha Blaster 200 4 Wheeler, Riding Mower, '09 Kawaski Vulcan Motorcycle. Call 890-4633

Looking For Pecans. Call 886-5202

For Sale Antique Barber Chair,Looking For Fax Machine, Pecans. Call 229-1473

For Sale '08 Yamaha Motorcycle, Norinko Rifle, Pole Saw. Call 200-6522

For Sale Guitar, Looking For A Couch, Harley Jacket. Call 631-2056


Swap Shop 9/27

fridge, blue cart, push mower- 248-5185

wants a good usedcar- 886-4356

Star Wars toys- 529-9989

child swingset and adult swing, strawberry plants, walnuts- 886-2679

free sand- 529-3317

moblie home, cookie jar, 97 Escort- 281-2672

needs a Verizon phone- 815-0164

92 Ford 4x4- 329-2436

storm windows- 886-2706

03 Ram, HP printer/ scanner, wants travel trailer- 281-0238

wants a pet friendly place to rent- 202-9443