05:04am, 07/30/15
Swap Shop
Swap Shop 9:25 to 10 AM Mon. through Sat. Call 660-886-5666.

Swap Shop Rules

Wanted items or items for sale listed for free on KMMO. 
No Garage or rummage sales on Swap Shop. We have the Rummage Sale Round-up for that.
No hand guns.
If it is your primary source of income, please don't advertise it on the Swap Shop.
You may list only ONE phone number or one address on the Swap Shop.

If you have a question as to what can go on the Swap Shop please ask the person answering the phone if your item can be advertised on Swap Shop, they will be happy to help you.

To participate, call 886-5666 or 1-800-727-5666 Monday through Saturday between 9:20 and 10 AM.

Swap Shop For 7/29/15

Free House Dog, FS Ford Escort Wagon, 5 Lots In Benton Co. Call 281-2672

For Sale TRex Toy, PS2 Game. Call 529-9989

Looking For Confederate Battle Flag. Call 631-9323

Looking For Roll Away Bed, FS 48" Ant Round Table. Call 886-8604

For Sale '02 Cadillac DeVille. Call 909-2453

Looking For Horse Trainer. Call 631-2056

For Sale Lift Chair. Call 338-5012

For Sale '99 Dodge 1/2 Ton 4x4, Dodge Quad Cab . Call 542-3843

For Sale Padlock Collection, Small Windmill, Concrete Hen. Call 529-3334

For Sale Basket Of Golf Balls, Sump Pump, Shotgun Shells, 30 Pocket Knives. Call 631-4285

Looking For Metal Shelving. Call 202-7980

For Sale '86 Chevy Pick Up. Call 973-3217

For Sale 14x70 Mobile Home & 5 Lots. Call 281-0238

For Sale Dog Pen, Boat Motor & trailer. Call 886-3015

For Sale Hog Oiler. Call 537-5581

For Sale Tool & Dye Set, Sheep Shear. Call 620-5782

Looking For Used Cell Phones. Call 831-0676

Swap Shop For 7/28/15

Looking For Square Straw Bales. Call 417-540-8894

For Sale 2 -4x8 Trailers. Call 542-1717

For Sale Tractor Tires. Call 886-7049

Looking For PTO Clutch For Scott Mower. Call 529-6615

For Sale Walk Behind Cultivator, Hot Wheels. Call 202-2100

For SaleUpper Cabinets, King Mattress, 20 Ext Ladder. Call 816-786-4547

For Sale Window AC Unit, Chicks, Ducks, Calves. Call 573-248-6464

For Sale '02 Cadillac DeVille. Call 909-2453

For Sale Kennel,Puppy Pads, Foods, Carpet Cleaner. Call 815-2717

For Sale 220 AC, Amana 110 BTU AC, Handicap Tub Lift, Handicap Items, Rabbit Carrier. Call 248-5185

For Sale 16' Boat, 5th Wheel Trailer. Call 631-5566

For Sale 16" Tires. Call 886-6305

For Sale Chest Of Drawers, Skil Saw, Drill, Toro Weedeater. Call 229-2150

For Sale Tonneau Cover. Call 542-9896

For Sale Window AC. Call 573-999-4303

For Sale Lots In Independence. Call 816-560-8854

For Sale Baby Bath, Walker. Call 631-9448

For Sale '94 Cargo Van. Call 394-2679

For Sale '97 Chevy Silverado,'00 S10, Upright Freezer, Cookstove. Call 329-2436

For Sale '06 Chevy Silverado, Troy Built Tiller. Call 573-576-9784

For Sale '88 Dodge Ram. Call 229-0816

Looking For JD 3020 Wheel,FS 16' Slide In Rack. Call 281-0991

For Sale 16" , 17" and 20" Tires. Call 542-1070

Looking For Play Set. Call 631-1267

Swap Shop for Monday, 7/27/15

Fayette: Looking for: camper shell for a 2004 Dodge Short bed pickup. 248-1223 or 537-2463

Marshall: For sale: wooden swing set; trampolene; 851-1046

Marshall: For sale: Playstation 2 game with games and accessories; roadmaster mountain bike; JVC TV; 223-5473

Marshall: Looking for: freezer. 229-3469 after 2

Greenridge: Looking for: washer and dryer; 287-3511

Carrollton: For sale: Kabota 1860 riding garden tractor; AR 15 Bushmaster 223 rifle; Stihl leaf blower; 200-6522

Marshall: Looking for: electric range; 619-5335

Marshall: Looking for: pickup bed tool box for a short bed pickup; looking for: parts for a 97 Dodge Dakota pickup; 229-0497.

Brookfield: For sale: 6 Red healer pups; 258-3089

Cole Camp Junction: For sale: pickup bed for a short bed Ford Ranger; 3.0 motor and transmission for a Ford Ranger; 14x70 mobile home; 281-2672

Marshall: For sale: DVDs; Holmes air purifier; 831-0458

Marshall: For sale: New Holland 9-foot hay rake; 815-3394

Chillicothe: 86 Chevy 2 wheel-drive pickup for sale or trade for a front-wheel-drive automobile; 973-3217

Licking: For sale: 1-row pull-type corn picker; 1979 Ford 700 truck; New Holland 275 square hay bailer; (573) 674-3601

Marshall: For sale: fryer rabbitts; guinneas; turkeys; 886-5228

Concordia: For sale: stainless steel small cooler; 2 baker racks; french fry warmer; (205) 396-8791

Marshall: For sale: 2010 Dodge Dakota pickup; 886-0586

Boonville: For sale: dining room table/chairs/leaves; desk; 882-7220

Norborne: For sale: 15-foot Crestliner boat/motor/trailer; 26 horsepower riding lawn mower; 250-6055

Warrensburg: For sale: John Deere 111 riding lawn mower (parts); 2 push mowers; Free cats & kittens; 909-3617

Marshall: Looking for: a Pampered Chef dealer; 229-1771

Slater: For sale: 2012 Ford Escape LTD; car dolly; Looking for: apartment-size gas stove; 631-1196

Elmwood: For sale: 2 antique shoe racks; (405) 476-6407

Marshall Junction: For sale: Vicon 7-foot disc mower; Adrian steel aluminum pickup tool box; XL super wrench bale spike; 815-1847

Swap Shop 7/24/15

Round oak table.  Call 641-5206.

Looking for a van.  Call 886-7701.

Snow blower and band saw.  Call 621-2296.

Kennel for a small dog, puppy pads, puppy food and a pet order eliminator.  Call 815-2717.

'97 Ford Escort.  Call 281-2672.

'87 Ford F350 and a 930 Case tractor.  Call 631-4547.

110 and 220 AC units, bathtub lift and bicycles.  Call 248-5185.

'67 Chevy truck and a 1988 Corvette convertible.  Call 529-2587.

Old type desk and an oval table.  Call 886-6081.

Looking for a fridge.  Call 815-5138.

14' boat with motor for sale or trade for a 7x10 or 7x8 utility trailer.  Call 973-1955.

'97 Chevy pick-up, 2001 S10 Chevy pick-up and two upright freezers.  Call 329-2436.

Crock pot and men's shirts and jackets.  Call 202-2839.

Swap Shop 7/23

Mower- 202-3354

Freezer- 886-7856

Mower- 322-2706

Pop-up camper- 368-2062

Futon- 816-956-1631

Wants electric dryer, quilt rack- 886-8331

Dresser, 32" older TV- 441-1280

Drill. vaccum, CD player, weed eater- 229-2150

Restaurant equipment- 205-396-8791

Lincoln Mark 8, 98 3100 motor, car hauling trailer- 281-4085

Wants front sxle for mower- 463-8018

Wants fridge, wants dresses, 2 suits size 34- 816-630-8705

Dog kennel, puppy pads- 815-2717

Cargo truck- 829-2420

Car ramps- 886-3015

98 F150 XLT- 542-9896

Wants electric stove and fridge- 831-5178

Chair, sofa, shoes- 886-5921

Swap Shop 7/18

Mattress, cabinets, ice box- 287-7488

Mare- 815-0418

97 Escort, lots, mobile home- 281-2672

Vacuum, phones- 815-0251

ACs, tub lift- 248-5185

2 night's stay in Warsaw- 886-3163

Work-out items- 674-2331

Stools- 886-8086

Toolbox- 631-0800

Wants a toolbox for truck and parts for a late 90's Dakota- 229-0497

Wedding items- 233-0649

Rims- 414-5303

Parts for a 98 Chevy 1500, wants kitchen counter and cabinets- 376-2511

Wants 4 wheels handicapped scooter- 815-4285

Mower- 909-3617

Wants twin size mattresses- 631-0610

Electric sheep trimmer- 281-8689

Swap Shop 7/16

Wants parts for Dodge Dakota truck, wants pick up bed tool box, wants weedeater- 229-0497

Camper- 641-6335

Dogs, cooler- 202-7642

Wants rabbit hutch- 631-2056

Wants 14' tires- 886-9780

93 Jeep- 631-2236

Rug beaters, grocery cart, yard sticks- 529-3334

AC's, tub lift, wires cases- 248-8185

Golf pull cart, bench, jars- 886-2519

Wants boys bikes- 815-0164

97 Chevy, AC, chest freezer- 329-2436

Wants fridge- 816-630-8705

Drill, router, weedeater, tailgate light bar- 229-2150
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