04:02am, 10/21/16
Swap Shop
Swap Shop 9:25 to 10 AM Mon. through Sat. Call 660-886-5666.

Swap Shop Rules

Wanted items or items for sale listed for free on KMMO. 
No Garage or rummage sales on Swap Shop. We have the Rummage Sale Round-up for that.
No hand guns.
If it is your primary source of income, please don't advertise it on the Swap Shop.
You may list only ONE phone number or one address on the Swap Shop.

If you have a question as to what can go on the Swap Shop please ask the person answering the phone if your item can be advertised on Swap Shop, they will be happy to help you.

To participate, call 886-5666 or 1-800-727-5666 Monday through Saturday between 9:20 and 10 AM.

Swap Shop For 10/20/16

For free dining table and chairs, stainless grill, stereo cabinet. 281-4099
For sale queen size bedroom set. Call 815-2310
For sale cord or more of the ash firewood. 229-0745
For sale for various size jackets, Playboy magazines, Pez dispensers. Call 529-9989
For sale bottle calf, jersey heifer, laying hands,  ducks. Call 573-248-6464
For sale crack pecans, 350 Chevy motor. Call 202-7044
For sale 1949 bronze statue, clock, size 3 camo overalls. 529-3334
For sale 12 foot aluminum v bottom boat. Call 888-3692

For sale 8 foot brush hauled looking for junk cars 1973 92. Call 676-5338
For sale two pair of peacocks. 584 2803
For sale 2002 Windstar minivan. Call 973-1955

Swap Shop For 10/19/16

Looking for junk to pick up. Call 202 2809
For sale PT cruiser for parts 815-5138
Looking for small chest deep freeze. Call 537-5801
For sale baby crib and mattress. Call 827-2136
For sale three slot top storage dog box, Garman tracking system. Call 619-0678
For sale two 300 WinMag rifles, Ruger 1022,  looking for missing Deerstand. Call 414-6281
For sale small chest freezer, shotguns, 16 foot dual axle trailer, cooktop stove. Call 329-2436
For sale scrap metal, typewriter, fishing pole, safe. Call 5293334
For sale 02 GMC Sierra extended cab with camper shell. Call 221-3096

For sale would stove Call 281-2944

Looking for ford rear rim for 8n tractor, parts cars, for sale 26 foot fifth wheel camper. Call 281-4085
For sale half inch craftsman impact wrench, Stanley super start, property in Benton County. Call 281-0238


Swap shop For 10/18/16

For sale 20 foot voyager pontoon boat was 70 horse motor and trailer, antique oak table and chairs, hexagon picnic table. Call 202-0761

 For sale 26 inch TV, for various sized winter coats, pest dispenser collection, playboy magazines call 529-9989

 For sale whirlpool gas dryer, Kenmore electric range. Call  631-3395

For sale south bend metal lays. Call 202-0094

For sale upright deep-freeze, washer and dryer, gas stove. Call 815-3459

For sale 02 Dodge Dakota extended cab. Call 631-4088

 For sale two pair of 6X bib overalls, five exit leather jacket, chickens. Call 815-4913

 For sale Husqvarna chainsaw Benton county property looking for 05 or newer F1 50 long bed and tailgate. Call 221-0238

 For sale pet taxis, wire pet kennels, turkeys, western books. Call 886-5228

 For sale VHS movies, Chiefs jacket, tan leather jacket. Call 831-0458

 For sale Barbie dolls, shower chair, antique bank. Call 831-0565

 For sale 03 Harley ultra class motor trike. Call 631-1574

 For sale 25 foot brush hog, two wheel cultivator, 9 foot truck blade Call 2291950

Swap Shop For 10/17/16

For sale camera and accessories, deep space nine collectors plate. Call 236-2284
For sale 15 pound bowling ball and shoes, female toy poodle. Call 202-9853
For sale 32 inch LCD TV with table, glass top bar patio set and chairs, electric stove. Call 281-5684
For sale 10 gallon fish tank and table, 40 foot TV tower. Call 837-3233
For sale 350 Chevy motor, four-speed Chevy transmission. Call 202-7044
For sale two antique truck tires, 93 Ford F1 50 extended cab. Call 676-1620
For sale Philadelphia eagles jacket. Call 542-3637
For sale rocking chair, picnic table, cords of wood. Call 573-808-6530
Looking for hanmail, for sale portable cutting torch, 4 x 4 98 Chevy 1500 differential. Call 376-2511
For sale wood-burning stove 281-2944
For sale 05 cavalier, savage model 99.243, Cook stove. Call 329-2436
For sale 500 gallon LP tank, large pet taxi, water tank. Call 886-0070
For sale Ash firewood. Call 229-0745
For sale fan blade dragonflies, porch swings. Call 537-6270
For sale PS3 and games, surround sound system, women's costume, boys costume. Call 229 1002
For sale 7 x 4 trailer. Call 886-0586
For sale 02 GMC pick up. Call 221-3096

Swap Shop Saturday 10/15

For sale: Rug, rocker, stove- 281-5684

For sale: Birdcage, shotgun

For sale: 99 Durango- 631-5609

For sale: Camper, wants kittens- 660-338-1095

Wants egg cartons- 631-6561

For sale: Sleeper Sofa, bookcase- 886-4079

For sale: Musical instruments, scrap metalm couch, workout equipment- 529-3334

For sale: 02 GMC, guns- 221-3096

For sale: Boys clothes- 815-2215

For sale: 1700 tractor- 660-329-0127

For sale: Camper, needs 10 inch rim- 281-4085

For sale: 32 inch Samsung TV- 815-3843

For sale: PS3, games, Jester costume


Swap Shop 10/14/16

For sale two electric guitars one with case, single axle cargo trailer. Call 417-440-8068
For sale nonperishable food items. Call 837-3124
For sale costume, PS3 and games, flags, surroundsound. Call 229-1002
Free find dining chairs. Call 886-7044
For sale new idea corn picker, new Holland 488 bind, farm all tractor. Call 573-674-3601
Looking for a bathtub. Call 631-2162
Looking for eight in tractor, for sale 02 GMC Sierra extended cab with camper shell. Call 221-3096
For sale post hole digger call 221-2360
For sale woodstove. Call 281-2944
Verse ales model B race car and trailer. Call 619-5831
Looking for old VW van or pick up. Call 620-910-7257
For sale 74 Ford F1 hundred 4 x 4. Call 909-2397
For sale scrap metal, 03 Subaru outback for parts. Call 529-3334

Swap Shop 10/8/16

For Sale: picnic table, rocker, TV- 281-5684

For Sale: misc- 202-3640

For Sale: 02 GMC- 221-3096

Guns stolen from home - 287-9595

For Sale: Dodge Dakota- 529-9989

Free piano- 573-819-5013

For Sale: nails for roofing, ladder rack- 573-616-8297

Wants a Ford motor- 848-9975

For Sale: tools- 537-5801

For Sale: sewing supplies- 815-2215

Swap Shop For 10/6/16

For sale World War II 35 caliber shoulder holster, quilts, padlock collection. Call 529-3334
For sale power shot 8410 and printer, deep space nine collectors plate. Call 236-2284
For sale two-year-old front load washer and dryer. Call 886-9442
For sale Husqvarna 18 hp riding mower, Poulan Pro lawn tractor. Call 269-6002
For sale 1000 gallon fuel tank. Call 631-1859
For sale loading ramps, small tractor wheel weights, 94Ford cargo van. Call 394-2679

For sale stainless barbecue grill call 631-0413
For sale 1970s chief Super Bowl KC Star , Flowtron, autographed Royals and Chiefs memorabilia. Call 202-3762
For sale potbelly pigs. Call 229-1538
For sale queen size bed frame box and sheets Call 620-6281
For sale vacuum. Call 815-5934
For sale O2 Dodge Dakota extended cab. Call 631-4088
Looking for rear rim for ford 8n, for sale 30 foot fifth wheel camper. Call 281-4085
For sale icebox, washer and dryer. Call 888-3620
For sale combine tires, looking for aluminum eight whole stock rims for Chevy. Call 998-9719
For sale 02 GMC Sierra, wind up clock, turkey fryer. Call 221-3096
For sale 16 foot diamond axle trailer, saddle. Call 553-1007

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