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Wanted items or items for sale listed for free on KMMO.

No Garage or rummage sales on Swap Shop. We have the Rummage Sale Round-up for that.
No hand guns.
If it is your primary source of income, please don’t advertise it on the Swap Shop.
You may list only ONE phone number or one address on the Swap Shop.

If you have a question as to what can go on the Swap Shop please ask the person answering the phone if your item can be advertised on Swap Shop, they will be happy to help you.To participate, call 886-5666 or 1-800-727-5666 Monday through Saturday between 9:20 and 10 AM.


Swap Shop For 2/20/17

For sale glass top bar patio table and chairs, self-propelled push mower, metal picnic table. Call 281-5684 For sale 58 for 2000 series tractor, lots in Chillicothe. Call 247-3218 Free school bus. Call 886-4759 For sale scroll

Swap Shop For 2/17/17

For sale electric stove, looking for three bedroom home in Carrollton. Call 329-0721 Looking for gas golf cart, for sale 6 x 12 utility trailer. Call 815-3045 For sale 89 Chevy 1 ton flatbed truck. Call 438-3249

Swap Shop For 2/16/17

For sale 6 x 12′ utility trailer. Call 815-3045 For sale motor puller and stand, Weedwhacker. Call 815-0228 For sale 85 GMC three-quarter ton 4 x 4 manual pick up. Call 815-0955  For sale keyboard, looking for

Swap Shop For 2/14/17

For sale 6 x 12′ utility trailer, case IH 22 foot one pass disc cultivator. Call 815-3045 For sale Shih Tzu puppies, perfect here 5000 BTU AC unit, looking for a 98 or newer Mercury grand Marquis

Swap Shop For 2/13/17

For sale 89 Chevy 3500 flatbed truck. Call 438-3249 For sale self-propelled vacuum various mattresses. 281- 5684  For sale electric keyboard, looking for scrap to haul. Call 2022809  For sale case international one pass 22 foot implement, Oswald