Monday 2nd August 2021

A 42-year-old Marshall man who is facing felony charges after schools went into secure mode on August 30 has a court proceeding scheduled for this week.
On August 30, the Marshall Public School District sent out two text messages saying: “MHS was alerted by MPD of a(n) off-campus situation. We went into secure mode as a precaution. (The) situation is resolved. Everyone is safe and all is clear. Classes have resumed as scheduled.”
This was in relation to an incident at Exchange Bank, across West Vest Street from the Saline County Career Center and Marshall High School. Marshall Police officers were dispatched to an incident that they were told a man was threatening to shoot everyone inside if they could not get him money from an account. While en route, officers were advised customers were being taken out through the back door of the building.
A probable-cause statement says upon arrival, officers located Douglas Frehse seated at a desk near the front doors of the business. He was taken into custody. An employee told authorities that Frehse had made threats toward him. Another employee said while she was attempting to transfer funds from an App, Frehse stated he would “shoot everyone in here” if he didn’t get his money today. Each time she tried, the transaction would fail, and she said he said he would shoot everybody in the building if he didn’t get his money today. After a third try failed, Frehse became agitated and once again said he would shoot everybody. The employee said Frehse made the threats every five to 10 minutes. Reportedly, nine people (employees and customers) were inside the building at the time of the threats. Frehse also allegedly was found to be in possession of some methamphetamine when being booked at the jail.
According to online court documents, Frehse has been charged with a Class D Felony for Possession of a Controlled Substance and a Class E Felony for Making a Terrorist Threat in the Second Degree. Bond has been set at $10,000 cash only.
Frehse was arraigned on September 3. A case hearing is scheduled to be held at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 9, at Saline County Circuit Court.