An area city’s lead law-enforcement officer is going to be resigning.

According to a post on the Carrollton Police Department’s Facebook page, it says “From the Office of Chief (Robert) Turner:

“To my community, it saddens me to inform you that I will be resigning as your Chief of Police. This was not an easy decision, but what was best for my family with a new career opportunity. It has been an honor to serve this community, which I have called home for many years and which I will continue to call home. Our community assisted me in growing into the chief I have become, and I thank you for that. The department we have shaped consists of intelligent, compassionate, and community-oriented officers that have the opportunity to continue to grow with your support.

“I believe citizen satisfaction and confidence in the department has increased significantly over the years I have been in command of the department. Yet there is still more work to be done, and I wish the incoming chief even more success in keeping this community safe.”

The post continued: “I want to thank the men and women, both civilian and sworn, of the Carrollton Police Department for their support over the past years. For without them and all their hard work, the Carrollton Police Department would not be what it is today- a very fine professional police department that is citizen-service driven to keep our town and its inhabitants safe.”

“I also want to thank the prosecuting attorney’s office, (the) Missouri River CIT Council, the city council, department heads and the entire city staff for their support and assistance over the years.”

His post continued: “I thank Mayor (ret) Bryan Mathis for giving me the opportunity to serve as the Town of Carrollton’s Chief of Police. Mayor Mathis had shown time and time again that the town of Carrollton deserved a professional police department, and under his leadership that became a reality. Our current Mayor, Scott Bartlett, has the same outlook towards our agency and community, and I thank him for that and look forward to him supporting a new Chief of Police in the continued development of our department.”

“More important to me, I thank the citizens of this community for their support of me, my family and my department.”

Albert Einstein said, “Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living” and so far for me after my years of service I agree!”

Turner has been Chief of Police since 2013, and his resignation will become effective Friday, October 18.