Sunday 20th September 2020

Several races for school board and city government seats will be decided by voters in Cooper County during the Municipal Election on Tuesday, June 2.
In the city of Boonville, running unopposed for council seats are Steve Young in Ward 1, Susan Meadows in Ward 2 and Curtis Robertson in Ward 3; and nobody filed to run for an open council seat in Ward 4.
Two candidates have filed for four seats on the Board of Trustees for the Village of Wooldridge: Alexis Nixon and Kurt Heiss.
Three candidates are on the ballot for three positions on the Village of Windsor Place Board of Trustees: Randon Leathers, Steve Gilson and Michael Bolin.
Four candidates are on the ballot for three seats on the Blackwater R-2 School Board: Austin Painter, John Jurco, Eric Harvey and Jacquilin Fenton.
Cindi Lenger and David Gann are running unopposed for two West Ward Aldermen positions in Prairie Home.
Four candidates are on the ballot for three positions on the Prairie Home R-5 School Board: Tammy Brandes, Sheila Brown, Nathan Alpers and Marsha Stewart.
Asa Bradford-Sturgis, Timothy Brandes, Elisabeth Dick, Aletha Hein and Robin Saylor have filed as candidates for three seats on the Cooper County R-4 School Board.
There are five candidates for two seats as trustees of the Junior College District of Sedalia: Justin Hubbs, Richard L. Parker, Christopher Paszkiewicz, Yvonne Clark and Wyann Lipps.
In the city of Otterville, five candidates are running for two alderman positions: Julie May, Cara Nau Conner, Mark Cole, John Meyer and Margaret Walje.
Four candidates have filed for three seats on the Otterville R-6 School Board: Rosemary D. Brand, Sean Main, Sarah Johnson and Jessica L. Craig.
Justin Hein is running unopposed for Mayor of the city of Bunceton. Dawn Kuster is running unopposed for City Collector. Wendell L. Cunningham and Karen Kreiensick are the candidtaes for two council seats.
Patsy Ann Reed, Clinton “Clint” Charles Miller and Craig Wolf are the three candidates for three seats on the Tipton R-6 School Board.
Chris Streck, Mike Fahrendorf, Terry W. Schupp and Bradley Wayne Vollmer are vying for three seats on the Pilot Grove C-4 School Board.
Christian L. Pickering, Tony D. Haile, Bloch, Landon Porter and Brandy Brockes are vying for three seats on the Moniteau County R-1 School Board.
Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.