Sunday 16th May 2021

The number of active COVID-19 cases in Carroll County has skyrocketed within the the last week. As of Friday afternoon, there were 43 total confirmed cases of the virus that have been reported since the beginning of the pandemic. There are currently 32 active cases and 11 persons have been released from observation.
The notice from Presiding Commissioner Stan Falke and Carroll County Sheriff McCoy goes on to say, with each of these cases there are approximately ten contacts who are being asked to quarantine. This makes the number close to three hundred who may be asked to quarantine. Some who have been asked to quarantine are not complying, putting all County residents at risk.
Those who have been asked to quarantine are being asked to follow Health Department requests to isolate or quarantine as requested. If you know you have been exposed, please quarantine or be tested. Even if you have not been asked by the Health Department to quarantine, if you have been exposed by close personal contact, you are asked to self-quarantine or contact your health care provider.
Social distancing, hand sanitizer, washing hands and wearing masks are needed now more than before. If you have any symptoms, contact your health care provider.
Due to this rise countywide we need everyone’s help to stop the spread of the virus.