Saturday 27th November 2021

For sale: Roku streaming media device; 40″ Emmet TV; (660) 310-2375

For sale: Reclaimed building materials; storm doors & windows; dehumidifier; picks up used electronics; (660) 529-2628

For sale: White freshly-painted baby changing table; side table that goes with baby changing table; 50-bottle wine cooler; cigar humidifier stand; (660) 631-5104

For sale: Two bar stools; kids costumes; gravy boat; (660) 631-3275

Looking for: Midland or Emerson AM/FM radio; looking for: windows, including a large picture window; looking for: patio doors; (660) 376-2511

For sale: Solid wood nightstand; ceiling fan; Halloween decoration set: witch/cat/metal Halloween pumpkin; (660) 281-4129

For sale: After-market wheels and lugs for a 2015 Chevy Malibu; 18″ PA subwoofer; 2 PA amplifiers; (660) 619-0347

For sale: Red healer/blue healer cross pups; (660) 221-2787

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