Wednesday 30th September 2020

It is critical for Missouri to act in tandem with federal government responses to the Coronavirus pandemic in order to cushion the blow for families trying to make ends meet.
A new Missouri Budget Project report details how the state can help families withstand the anticipated economic downturn, minimizing longer-term economic damage and mitigating the states economic recovery at
Amy Blouin, President and CEO of the Missouri Budget Project, says the choices our elected officials make now can help Missourians weather the Coronavirus outbreak and set the course for the recovery of our communities and economy.

Blouin says as consumer demand dries up, when families can’t pay their bills, policymakers recognize this and can choose to shore up the budget structure to help families weather the storm.

Blouin adds that increased unemployment and economic declines resulting from the pandemic will likely cause steep reductions in general revenue. These reductions in the funding Missouri relies on to carry out critical public services will come at the same time as more Missourians struggle to make ends meet and need safety net services.