Tuesday 20th April 2021

Santa Fe R-X Superintendent Derek Lark announced the district has extended its closure until April 15, after its Easter break.
Lark says while this is an optimistic timeline for return, it at least provides the option if trends change.
Lark also answered several questions that might be weighing on parents’ minds:
Q1– Will my (child’s) second-semester grade be harmed if he/she does not perform well with the distance-learning opportunities provided during closure? A1– No. The distance-learning opportunities during closure cannot hurt your child’s grade. It can only improve their semester grade if done proficiently. Lessons completed will be assessed, and students will be provided feedback on their work. The only exception to this are dual-credit classes at the high school.
Q2– What if I am getting too much/too little work? A2– We are evaluating what is an appropriate amount of work and will adjust to what feels appropriate by the feedback we receive from students, parents and staff. It is very important that students and parents communicate their comfort level on the workload with teachers. Again, our goal is for your child to continue to learn.
Q3– Who do I contact if we are having trouble with our district issued computer? A3– Please contact Jeff Kuntz, Director of Technology, by e-mailing him at: jkuntz@santafechiefs.k12.mo.us.
Q4– Is it possible that we will be out for the rest of the school year? A4– Unfortunately, that is a very real possibility. My present plan is to have an optimistic approach with more periodic extensions to our closures. This will enable us to be more reactive if trends change, while still allowing our families time to plan for one to two weeks at a time.
Q5– Can we still sign up for meals and/or request technology from our schools? A5– Absolutely. Just call your school, and we will get you what you need ASAP.
Q6– Will the meal program continue over Easter Break? A6– No. Delivery of meals will be suspended on April 9 and resume on the April 15.