Wednesday 25th November 2020

The number of positive cases of COVID-19 has been increasing rapidly in the last two weeks in Lafayette County.
The Lafayette County Health Department is reporting there have been four new cases of the virus confirmed in the county. These new cases bring the total number of positive cases in Lafayette County to 114 with 23 persons still active. The number of cases recovered is now 88 and there have been a total of three deaths in the county since the beginning of the pandemic.
Lafayette County Health Department Administrator, Tom Emerson would like to remind residents that it is important to remember that the virus is still prevalent and it’s up to us all to take personal responsibility and protect each other.
It’s recommended that masks are used in situations where a 6 foot distance from other people cannot be maintained, or even if you are in an enclosed space with other people outside your family at home. It is also recommended that you do not invite gatherings of other people into your home.
Regular cloth face-masks are not to protect you from getting the virus, they work to prevent you from spreading the virus to others.  Remember you can carry the virus without knowing it and not get sick, but other people can get sick, and some die.
If you are contacted by the health department, it is important that you cooperate with quarantine instructions and close contact identification.