Sunday 2nd October 2022

Kansas City Chiefs fans won’t be allowed to wear Native American headdresses and face paint at home games effective immediately, the team announced Thursday.

Kansas City is also undergoing a thorough review of the “Arrowhead Chop” and exploring options regarding the use of its ceremonial drum. The club is discussing how to shift the focus of the drum into “something that symbolizes the heartbeat of the stadium,” the Chiefs said in a release.

This direction comes after Washington’s NFL franchise dropped its Redskins name, the CFL’s Edmonton team did the same with Eskimos, and MLB’s Cleveland Indians discontinued the use of their Chief Wahoo logo.

The Chiefs have discouraged wearing headdresses and Native American-themed face paint in recent years. But after discussing issues affecting Native Americans and tribes with a national organization, the team opted for further measures.

“We are grateful for the meaningful conversations we have had with all of these American Indian leaders. It is important that we continue the dialogue on these significant topics, and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future,” the Chiefs said.