Wednesday 19th January 2022

For sale: C-pap machine with masks & tubing; free to a good home: adult female cat; (660) 631-5272

For sale: Winchester model 97 shotgun; walker; 50 caliber ammo box with ammo & clips; (660) 815-7718

Looking for: pair of binoculars and a rifle scope; (660) 815-3045

For sale: 20′ Pontoon boat/motor/trailer; golf cart; (660) 620-7599

For sale: Couch; (660) 631-6384

For sale: Electric cord for dryer; McDonalds Happy Meal toys; (660) 529-9989

For sale: 20 1-year-old Americana hens; (660) 730-0287

For sale: Collection of 20 puzzles; horse board puzzle; free: bag of clothes; (660) 631-9935

Looking for: 40 or 50 gallon electric water heater; looking for: hot water heating system for a home; looking for: 200 amp fuse box; (660) 376-2511

Free: kids bicycle and scooter; (660) 621-2166

For sale: 14′ trampoline; Wonder Wood woodstove; (660) 529-258

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